[URGENT] Quick ritual before interview?

Hey yo. How are you all?

I just got interview invitation which will be happening in 45 minutes!

Not sure where this interview coming from cause it’s been over a month I’ve applied this company.

So any of you know something I can do like ritual or anything we could do to have this interview going well? Simple and immediate effect.

I am in searching as well rn but just to get some recommendation too.

Thank you in advanced all :butterfly: and please send me some positive energy to go through this!


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There’s not much time for ritual if you don’t already know one for this, it’s going to take too long to learn a new one. So, do a quick prayer. The Deity who comes to mind is Freyr in the Norse Pantheon.


Ah. Yes! Very new for this. Will do quick pray as you suggest it @Dankquanicus :blue_heart: Thank you dear :sob: Needed some help. Will give you update how it went!

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You only have time for visualization, ie imagine the interviewer liking you on sight, approving of your answers, you carrying yourself w confidence and speaking w eloquence, etc. Visualize interviewer shaking your hand and offering you the job. You can go further as visualizing yourself doing the tasks in the office, etc

If you had time, Prince Orobas of the Goetia is known for giving dignities and respect, and helping further career advancement.

Hope that helps. Best of luck to you! Keep us posted!


Hey @Dragon_Empress20 :butterfly: first of all, thank you!
t will be video interview as it is work at oversea but will try to make it happen. Visualisation is not easy for me yet but again, why not try this time? Will keep you update. Thank you sincerely.



You got this! Go wow him/her!

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UPDATE for @Dragon_Empress20 @Dankquanicus :sparkles:

The interview was done short and sweet!
He ended up told me he is very confident to hire me. Of course, nothing is official yet but the manager said he is? That’s good first steps, right?

So I played Freyr and Orobas’s Enn chant for 30minutes each and try to meditate before interview.

Well, I ended up fall asleep and missed 2 calls but I felt like I can call him back as nothing happened.
He seems not to care much about it and carries out the interview like we already know each other or we were talking already or something. Very strange but who cares at the point, right?

It was a little funny that whatever I say, he agreed with me and seems very happy about it.
Some of my words were not made any sense to me but make VERY MUCH sense to him. HUH.

The interview goes to the end and he asked me some weird questions that no one would ever ask at the interview. I mean, they could but not the way he asked me.
I start to feel really weird and thinking ‘HUH? WTF HE IS TRYING TO SAY? I DON’T WANT TO ANSWER THIS.’, he got the poor connection, and the call got disconnected.
He asked me two of those questions and both times call got the poor connection and immediately disconnected.

Once I called him back, he seems he doesn’t remember what was the question and carried on to the next.

i guess it was help from Freyr and Orobas!
Thank you @Dragon_Empress20 @Dankquanicus suggest me to pray to them.

Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing an update! This is an amazing story - from you missing it, him not minding, him agreeing to all and you being protected from having to answer odd questions. Very unusual, indeed, not to have magickal elements to it.

Best part! Congratulations @Yoojin !


Hail Prince Orobas!


Hail Prince Orobas that’s great! :+1::sunglasses::racehorse:

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