Urgent help requested!

There is a tenant in my house that is not paying the rent and is causing lot of trouble and is threatining us. I want him to leave our shop or die. Please provide a ritual or solution to this problem. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Wouldnt it be better to call the police?


It might be time to get out the chicken feet!

Police does not help…coz they call it “civil” matter…

Turn off utilities, change the locks. Do you know how to do sigil magick? Work with sigil of Paimon to compell the person to leave, Focalor, Glasaya-Labolas, Flauros, Dra’Talon to kill your enemy.

or use NAP it’s quite simple and tend to have fine results

Agreed Dantresh, also NAP is good for beginners as it does not require supplies.