Urgent help for getting a job

For Lucifer I used the one with Inverted Triangle only, I saw in the GV there was a circle one and two with inverted triangle, I used the most simple one

As for Clauneck I used the one in the GV, it’s the only sigil I found of him.

the ritual si the one in this newsletter


very intense and powerful, made feel like a new born baby (but with hair)

the intensity worn out after the first day tho I see changes every day, in every situation, I’m just waiting until I completely forget about it

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You only need a pact with Scirlin if working with the GV system. If you’re using evoking eternity or any other grimoire, you can forgo it. For example, The Black Dragon instructs on evoking various demons from the GV. Scirlin is never mentioned.

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which offerings did you use to Paimon