Upping Wind with Magick?

It’s the peak of summer where I live and it’s hot and muggy as hell. A branch of magick I’ve always thought interesting is that of weather control. There are lots of practical applications for it. So what I want to learn is how to summon winds to try and relieve some of this damn misery. Anyone have ideas on how this could be done?

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It can be done in a variety of ways. You can summon an air elemental, for example, or you can expand your own energy to essentially “become one” with the wind, and manipulate it that way.


Yes here’s a wind spell from Scott Cunningham that I recall from years back

Take a string or cord
Imagine a gentle breeze blowing past you through you, tie a knot three inches up the string or cordm
Imagine a strong gust of wind as in the above instructions, now tie a knot six inches up from the previous knot.
Imagine gale of wind and tie a knot nine inches above the second knot.

Take your cord outside and whirl it above your head in circles imagining the wind raging around you. Untie the first knot and feel the breeze again. At this point the wind should begin to breeze. Repeat with knot two or three for desired results.

Tried it plenty of times it works.