Update to Breaking a Curse

Ok success!!!:grin: In the past and present Hekate has been my matron goddess. God tired if seeing my friend suffer, what can I say. Since Hekate seems to have always liked her enn, I decided to intervene on my friends behalf, something that went against my usual thinking, but it is working. The dark goddess did respond in a swift manner, both he and I felt her presence and power in a big way. She was non threatening but as is her way, very firm lol. Long story short, I simply chanted her enn they meditating on her sigil, or rather we- and changed her enn, then cast spell to break curse, and viola! It is working fast, still some more wax to melt, but he feels so much better and his home seems lighter, changing back to normal. She stayed with us for quite some time. And if any goddess can break one itโ€™s her. Whewโ€ฆ:relieved: