UPDATE: Poll On Your Favorite Demonic Gatekeepers

UPDATE: Poll On Your Favorite Demonic Gatekeepers

Good Afternoon,

You might recall that on June 8, I had opened a poll on your favorite Demonic Gatekeepers according to early photographs of silver-plated amulets by the top notch jeweler, The Talimancer. You can see the exact poll and tally of votes right here.

You can see the vote percentages below too:

  1. Lucifer, 45%
  2. Belial, 44%
  3. Asmodeus, 37%
  4. Azazel, 34%
  5. Beelzebub, 26%
  6. Lucifuge, 20%
  7. Baal, 16%
  8. Satan, 16%
  9. Abaddon, 14%

» Click here for more photographs and early access on Halloween. :prayer_beads::jack_o_lantern:

Your participation in this poll allowed me to estimate a reasonable number of amulets in terms of percentage, according to your preferences of every demon, i.e., would any particular demons possibly need more amulets than any other? I passed the numbers to The Talimancer, and he handcrafted his batch size according to these percentages.

An average of 40 amulets per Demonic Gatekeeper exists, however the exact number of amulets varies in point of fact. I figured that you might like to know more in regard to the poll that you had voted in almost five months ago.

The Fusion Of Planetary Magick And Metal To Harness Demonic Power

In regard to the magick and metal constitution of the amulets, The Talimancer has married together both Planetary and Demonic energy in a unique formula.

Lunar Magick: the Tibetan silver plating on the surface of the amulets tap into and channel the Nightside Energy of the Moon.

Jupiterian Magick: the alloy contains tin as a base part of the pewter mixture, and it harnesses the Nightside Energy of Jupiter.

Saturnian Magick: the chemical composition also contains a minimal amount of lead. For maximum safety, the jeweler has applied a high-powered sealer to protect the magician. This metal taps into and channels the Nightside Energy of Saturn.

In terms of size, the amulet stands at approximately 1.5 inches tall with a thickness of 4 mm, and includes an adjustable nylon cord necklace.

As clarified above, the amulets feature a unique magick formula within the alloy composition to synergize the sorcery of dark planets and demons together, while simultaneously increasing the safety of wearing metal jewelry.

Live To Order At Midnight Halloween - Only 40 Amulets Exist For Every Demonic Gatekeeper

You can sign up right now to receive immediate access to place your order at midnight on Halloween, i.e., the night of October 31 or morning of November 1. Like I had warned above, The Talimancer has handcrafted only 40 amulets for each Demonic Gatekeeper on average, therefore to guarantee that you receive your favorite demonic amulets, it would help to order them as soon as possible.


Of course, thank you for participation in the poll. I will see you on Halloween night. :blush::jack_o_lantern: