Update on the goetia workshop

For those that have already joined the goetia workshop group that wish to continue on as a general magick study circle, please comment here so that @Eye_of_Ra can clear out the unactive members and bots and whatnot.


I’d be interested in joining it

There is a group here and on kik…
Your welcome to join either one.

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I’m interested too

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Im interested

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I’d be interested.

sign me up, but i will be leaving in a month to go to boot camp

What is kik?
I assume its a chat application
Why not discord :thinking:

Either way i can join both group

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I’m about. My phone just does’nt like to consistently give me alerts for kik.

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I already have an on going group on kik.

He means he’s still in the group

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Yep I’m still in. Sometimes I get caught up in some project but I’m trying to stay in touch now that I know I don’t get alerts like I use too. Have to keep turning them back on.


My username is Tattersail1995 if you can add me

You may have to look up the group the name is on my profile

I will say the one kik does the goetia workshop and other magick related topics

Idk im dumb i cant find your group on kik

I gotcha ya :slight_smile:

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Do you think changing the name on kik changed the search name you need to find it as well?