Update on my pact with Belial

I made a pact with Belial a few days ago to help with some mundane matters,to enhance my aura,and help with my ascent in general.

I was instructed to carry his seal with me at all times in case I need it and carry the pact as it has his astral signature on it which is to be used to contact him faster.

I don’t want to reveal what Belial manifested for me yesterday as it is still in progress of coming to fruition but the ball is rolling and without any hassle.

This morning I evoked Belial (which I’m using an idea I got from LadyEva where I evoke him into a small statue which is placed inside my GoP on my altar)

I begun the past 2 evocations by calling on The Gatekeepers from the BoA.The first time my arms began floating around without me being able to control it.I don’t know if this was one of The Gatekeepers or the energy I was raising by calling them.

But this morning I called Belial to grant me a familiar and give me a ritual to help with my energy raising.

I was instructed to close my eyes and visualize a black shadow swirling around me.
In my inner vision the shadow quickly to form of a hooded figure with light armour underneath and wielded a sword.The being flung his hood back to reveal his face which he had blonde hair and blood red eyes.

After being given the sigil for this familiar I contacted him through the seal and asked him about his rank in Belial’s legion.
To my surprise he told me he was not of Belial’s legion.
Belial had helped me create a servitor for my own individual needs as Belial said he could see all my weaknesses.

My servitor said after my work with him and the pact is through with Belial,if he delivers on his purposes for me he will become one of Belial’s nights.

This makes sense because after I received the servitor I did a reading on him and the cards drawn represented cunning and energy.
Which would mean Belial in a tricky way showed me my power to create.

Now the ritual Belial gave me was said to be specifically for my needs as a majician so it will not work for others.

I can explain some of it though.

I was instructed to visualize the flames of the Infernal Empire (not to be confused with the element of fire) surrounding me in a ring.
Below me I am to visualize a black hole,a void.

I was given an incantation to pull the flames through my crown and fill my chakras.
I was then given another incantation to pull the darkness from the void up entering my root chakra first and ending in my crown.
Belial said this creates a new element called “The Black Flame”.

One The Black Flame is flowing through me I am to pullit into my chakra until iI feel them in flames.
I then push the flames of darkness out 3 feet away from me and with authority shout a word of power that sends a shockwave throughout the phisical and astral so all will realize my power.

I performed this rite for the first time tonight and could feel the power with my body as it tingled and felt heavy with energy.

It was very different than any other energy raising ritualiI’ve ever done and I imagine the more I do it the more powerful the current will flow through me.

I plan on evoking my servitor tomorrow which will be my next step in this pact.

Well that’s all for now,hope you all enjoyed the read!

and please please please do not attempt the ritual I described.
It is specific to my needs as a majician only and contains incantations and words of power that are not given here.