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So Last time I was really active on here was when I lived in Texas and I asked Lucifer and Pomba Gira Maria Padilla to bring my lover out to Texas with me and he did. He was out there for a few months then things took a turn for the worst and we couldn’t really get settled, got into a fight with my mother. And I just left back to California, I am now about 500$ in debt to navy federal. My life I feel has went to shit I was homeless the last few days but now I am staying with my uncle for a bit. Any advice for my situation? Prayers? Anything

It’s not the Magick per se, it’s you. Currently you’re a shit-magnet. If you want more than you have you’ll have to become more than you are.

  1. Perform the Black & White Mirror exercise. This can take days.

  2. Perform banishing ritual of your choice to cleanse you and where you’re at from negativity, etc. Do this as often as you deem necessary. The four cardinal points are good directions.

  3. Create a talisman. Get a bank deposit slip and make it out to yourself. Make it a huge deposit to yourself. Meditate upon it. See it with your eyes closed. (This is a really important procedure that most couldn’t be bothered doing.)

  4. If you can do so, do so barefoot. In any event, start by doing this on earth (grass, rock, etc.) outside. Adopt the position of the rune Elhaz, with palms facing skyward. Call in the energies you need. With short practice you’ll feel these energies building around your solar plexus then, always keeping your arms straight, either direct that energy or cross your arms across yourself to capture it.

  5. This de-stressing exercise is simple but requires commitment. If you feel more comfortable by doing so, take off your shoes. Lay flat on a rug, mat or carpeted floor. Do not use a pillow or a mattress. The object of this exercise is to get your body to conform to the flatness of the surface you are laying on not to have that surface conform to you.

Start by taking a deep breath and expelling that breath as a sigh. The secret is to sigh like everyone and everything that you love in your life has just been taken away from you. Sigh like it could not get any worse. Sign three consecutive times and then commence to relax your toes. After you have relaxed your toes, relax your feet. Continue to relax your body all the way to the top of your head.

By the time you get to relax your knees you may find that your feet are no longer relaxed. This is not a failure on your part. It is natural. Simply sigh and start again at the toes.

As you work your way from the feet to the head and discover that a previously relaxed part of your body has tensed up again you must give a deep sigh before recommencing. This exercise should be continued for at least fifteen minutes and may require several sessions before you start to obtain results. It can be effectively used to induce deep sleep. As you maintain your regime you will find that within a few days your sleeping patterns, comprehension and energy levels improve. You will also notice a diminished level of nervous energy in your everyday life.

These simple, cut-to-the-chase, no mucking about, tried and tested, tried and true, couldn’t be cheaper exercises are for reprogramming. So you keep us all posted, because I trust you’ll be keeping your Magickal Journal up to date with the quick results obtained.



I offer these prayerful, reprogramming suggestions and counsel learning by heart and delivering with passion. If you start to perspire, that’s even better.


“Oh Self that I seek to Become, open your mysteries to me. Rejoice in steps to overcome that which hinders me, bless my serenity in accepting that which I must suffer to change me and energise my Magickal curiosity that I may know the difference. Let my view extend beyond time and space! Hail, my Self-to-Be!”

My Father which wert in heaven, hallowed be thy name in heaven as it is on Earth. Give me this day my ecstasy! And deliver me to evil, as well as temptation. For I am part of your kingdom - for aeons and aeons. Ave Satanas! Satanas Dominus Terra!’


I’m not saying that you can’t work with spiritual entities. All I’m saying is that quite frankly you urgently need to reprogramme yourself. Make yourself a 100% natural set of chanting beads or knots or whatever. Keep these where you can access and use them – like in your pocket.

For reasons that escape me, chanting has fallen largely out of fashion in most of the western lhp traditions. And yet many benefits accrue from chanting upon beads. You can get drilled stones, glass and silk/cotton thread on Ebay. Workout what number system you’ll be using: 3, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 21 are favourites. Buy larger or different divider beads to breakup the counter beads. Keep the chanting beads in a 100% all natural fibre, drawstring bag.

Imagine your problems as specific images, people, shapes and colours. Banish these via ritual to the ends of the Multiverse. By consistency you will have results and establish a force-field of protection.

Of course all of this is just so mundane and pedestrian, but I treat the lhp as a practical, individual one where rather than relying upon spiritual entities to do the heavy lifting you actually do a bit of that yourself. I’m not atheistic, but I favour self-reliant, atheistic Magick. There’s nothing more lhp!



Thank you so much I really appreciate this advice I will definitely be practicing

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And would a bracelet with beads be fine to use ?

Yes I believe it should be just fine.
Hell, if you have no beads then just keep counting on your fingers… That’s more than enough :slight_smile:

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Work out your number system. You may use three sets of seven beads or nine or eleven or thirteen – whatever. You’ll also need two larger/different beads to act as dividers and a larger bead still to act as the head-bead, so you know you’ve completed one round of chanting/calling.

You can find natural stone, drilled beads on Ebay as well as pure cotton or silk to use as thread. It’d be handy to get a natural material drawstring bag to carry these beads in.

Alternatively, tie knots in string or use jewellery as beads. Fingers work very well, but for me beads work better because they help trigger the states I’m looking for.

Nonetheless, start! Do something. Do it now! Right away!

Study the plants where you find yourself and learn how to gather and use natural incense – harvested from around where you are living. This ability can come in handy.

Finally, allow me the indulgence to again mention the importance of keeping a Magickal Journal/Diary. Properly kept, this will be you most precious Grimoire. Because I’m old school I recommend an inexpensive, hard cover, ruled page book and an inexpensive, plastic, disposable fountain-pen that you only use to write up your Journal. And there are good reasons for this, but feel free to do as you please (or not).

The more ritual (i.e., like banishings) you perform the greater the cumulative effect and the more proficient you become. After you’ve really spent time, after you’ve learnt and know how to effectively banish you might try evocation/invocation, but that’s a matter for you, of course.



Sorry to hear things aren’t going great.

It might not be much but ill do a little magick for you to try and nudge things in the right direction for you.


Thank you everyone who has helped with your kind words and advice I really appreciate all of you :slight_smile:

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