Update-D.U.M.E ritual

So it’s been awhile since I burned dume candle # 1, I got results very quickly, before dume had burned halfway down. While it was burning I said my petition 9 x each day. When it was gone I started the second dume ritual, ( I have two targets). Results of the first one, so far are this. My target ended up being caught by the police and was given her second DUI. Other charges were given. Serious ones, and it looks like she may be headed to federal lockdown for awhile. The second dume candle also got results rather quickly, as I found out target was kicked out of the house, had nowhere to go, so he became homeless. One day my oldest sun told me that he had seen him with a few other guys being arrested in front of a convenience store. The charge would have been loitering. And he did get charged with that, but when they ran him, they found he had three warrants, one for petty theft with a failure to appear, for not showing up to his appointed halfway house for domestic violence, a failure to appear in court for domestic violence, and a drunk and disorderly charge. They both are fucked. They both talk alot of shit, and like to start fights, neither of them can fight. In other words they have 12 gauge mouths, and b b gun asses. They’re in for long stay.