Upcoming Evokative Evocation Course (per more details released, seems really

As more details of what will be in the course are released… gee (or as the saying goes, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” or such :slight_smile: ie impressive) The question will be how absorb-able these teachings are to those watching (

for to under-stand, and then to be able to do… for if all that watch BeCome able to Do what is covered: to have so many able to do the in-describable; then once that stabilizes- all in that group can speak from the place of living in a world where they can all Do these things… vs so many that “talk about” doing such things / “write about” as-if… what kind of dialogue might develop?

(again some time for all to season their skill and absorb/integrate, and then to “stabilize” and adjust one’s WorldView)

One question I would have… it seems some of the core skills related to Omnipotence GP relate to some skills in the Omniscience GP course (already released) and go further- which is great… but will the Mastering Divination course be a starting point for the “mastering evocation” course?

-In other words, will there be repetition of what was already covered? (ie much of Divination was other subjects, like Tarot and other mechanics), but there is coverage of Scrying (using different materials, as well as without a focal-pt), channeling/spirit comm is lightly touched on… etc. Is the assumption that those with the new course have no prior knowledge? -or have read EA’s other works, read what has been on the forum in places… seen the Div course? or perhaps starting explicitly, thus repeating? thanks- I feel that the more details that have been given is planting seeds that germinate in preparation, as well as ReVeal (ref beginning of this post comment about what that could produce in students of it).

I have faith in EA’s power to teach and relay his methods in a practical way. While not everyone will do the work it takes to require real results ,the ones that will do the work will reap the benefits…I have no doupts. I’m sure the videos will all build on each other in one way or another but I believe anyone will be able to pickup anytime and get results, this makes practical and business sense…granted you’re not lackadaisical in your practices.

I just wanted to echo EA’s own words in another recent post (below link just for reference), but where he writes: "You see, the first camcorder I ever purchased was a year ago to make the Mastering Divination Course."
just a yr ago from first camcorder, now to level of video (technical as well as info-content)… as he says, “Ridiculous” (in terms of “exclamation” in above root-post)


"As you can see from the above example, if THIS is any example of how much we’ve developed in the last 6-12 months, with exponential growth factored, where we’re going to be in the next couple of years is ridiculous to consider."

Every Training Course is going to be completely standalone, meaning that if there are skills needed for that course that were taught in a previous course, I’m going to give you a “Basic Training” in that skill. Obviously, working through the Divination Course is going to give you a huge leg-up on the Evocation Course, but if you haven’t taken the Divination Course, I’m not going to leave you high and dry. So, I do cover scrying, spirit communication, etc. in the Evocation Training Course.

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As EA wrote above, “Every Training Course is going to be completely standalone” -cool to have that principle stated, obviously the “re-statement” will change a bit, as time passed (I’m sure having worked through it, since the Div Course was released may refine how EA presents it).
to reference as Ea Wrote in recent email (with the video about the Evocation course):

“Here’s the bottom line. I’m tired of having newbies come to me and asking the most basic and kindergarten questions about evocation, demons, and spirit relationships. And also, I’m weary of seasoned magicians asking me the SAME QUESTIONS, because they never learned evocation.”

I figure one of the chief issues about teaching is repeating info- and wanting to get it structured in presentation when recording… so that one can say “For that info, go to this (re)source”

I actually did purchase and work through the Div Course myself, so either way- I’m curious to see how different this Evok Course will be. -cheers

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