Unwanted Voices

As I engage in activities associated with black magick, the darkness, I encounter other voices, other spirits chiming in, interrupting, commenting and just messing with me. The LBRP works well to chase them off, but I can’t seem to open a one on one connection with a demonic spirit without opening the door to other spirits as well. Any suggestions?

Calm down and balance yourself. The whispers are most likely coming from your own mind.

I would’ve liked to think that at first… but they were so loud and and differentiating… coming from multiple spirits. There were even different tones of voice… it would surely seem like multiple spirits just trying to mess with my mind. It’s not a consistent issue, just when I tinker with black magick and demons[s].
Question; To what degree of effectiveness is the LBRP if I just turn around and utilize black magick? It almost seems contradicting to call upon archangels and and then immediately call upon demons right after.