Unusual creature appeared when I used a sigil of Lilith

I drew a sigil of Lilith and put in under my pillow. First night, I had no results. Second night I had a response, the creature looked nothing like Lilith, it was very tall slender, feminine in appearance, black-purple in skin with jet long black hair and a dark tail, it was hanging from the ceiling and taunting me while emitting really dark energy. Is that a form of Lilith or did something else entirely come out of this?

This is my sigil of choice.


sounds pretty Lilith-y to me. In my (admittedly limited) experiencence, she occasionally likes to try spooking folk who call her, it’s like a test

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Black hair and a tail (like that of a snake, for example)… yes, these two are sometimes recurring in how Lilith is visually depicted.

Yeah. It was weird, she called me a fertility spirit.

Well her Throne is in the Sathariel Qliphot so this sigil has Saturn energy and also primal craft.

Eisheth Zenunim Taninsam ama Lilith liftoach Qliphot! :heart: