Unsure What to make of this Dream

I had a really strange lucid dream today that I can’t explain. I met someone in my dream that seem to be aware. Coming across this person I lost control of my dream but woke up remembering the first and last name of the person I met. I researched this person upon waking up. This person’s name was so unique I could only find 3 people in the US with that name. The trippy part about this is the one who looks exactly the same as the person I dreamed about lives only about an hour from me. She’s in college and where we met in my dream was in what appeared to be a school auditorium. There were numerous people in that setting but I could easily tell that they were all projections until I came across her. My subconscious immediately rejected seeing her and kicked me out of the dream.

On a further note, after reading this person’s facebook and other online profiles it’s obvious that this person practices magick.

Fucking strange in my opinion and what are the odds of this experience. I’ve been thinking about contacting this person but breaking the ice with this person may result in me coming off like a creeper. lol.

She might’ve been drawing power and you, dreaming, were sucked up with the amount of power she was pulling.

Or your mind wandered to another occultist, and she tried vampirizing you.

Don’t assume she was there for you, random people cross paths in dreams all the time. It just seems to happen now and then.

Contact her for sure, you’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve heard several stories like yours that ended in marriage!

Sounds like a plan, maybe it was for a reason or not but what do I have to loose.

Maybe do a divination first before contacting her. Find out if it was a chance meeting or intentional on her part. And if it was intentional, further inquires should be made on whether the intent was malicious or not (your “subconscious” may have pulled you out for good reason).

Well? Don’t leave us in suspense man! How did it go?