Unsure of who to summon

this is going to sound dumb, but im looking for a demon that could help me the best with my specific situation. i’m inexperienced, and i’ve chickened out sometimes when i consider evocations because of horror stories or other warnings i’ve seen. what i really want is to increase intelligence. i do fine with my classes, and i can keep up with whats being taught for the most part, but i want so much more than that. i want to learn as much as i can, but i don’t think i’ll ever be able to get to the level i want to be at without help, seeing as i have ADD and depression slowing me down. i’ve always been way better with the arts than with actual classes, and i really want to change that. i want to understand complex topics and theories. most of the time, the ‘advanced’ stuff i try to learn just flies right over my head. i particularly want to master math, computer science, and stuff relating to that. the thing is, math has always been my worst subject, and i have no idea where to start with computer science, and i dont want to wait to take some class that will only get me to the starting line.
also, does anyone have any experience with anything like this? i’ve read that some demons claim to make some “witty in the liberal arts” or some other subject, but i dont think i’ve seen it being discussed a lot. if so, what changes did you notice? are you happy with your results? and what level of understanding were you able to reach through this?
thank you.

I’d go Buer or Stolas.

ok, thank you!