Unsure about EA Koetting Questing After Visions

Hey all,

Recently I have been purchasing occult books and have found them to be quite useful in understand and putting the methods to practice.

EA’s Kingdom of Flames is extremely good but I am not having the success I want from it. I have been evoking Thalos and requesting for assistance with astral senses.

Not too much has been happening from this and though I am more awake in dreams it isn’t helping as much as I believe it could.

I received EA’s Questing after visions book and I’m finding it complicated.

The methods being taught are good but I’m not really getting any types of visions from it.

Just wanting to know if anyone has gotten a vision from this book.


Questing After Visions is not about “getting visions.” It provides exercises for getting into the Theta/Gamma Sync, and details EA’s various experiences. It also covers scrying and the chakras, but in my opinion, the most important part of the book is the information on how to tell the difference between internal and external visions.


Yeah he definitely spent a good portion of the start talking about internal and external visions.