Unnamed Entity?

Hello All,
After being guided to Koetting’s work, Ive been lurking around here for a few months, gradually separating information from bullshit and looking for missing puzzle pieces in my own journey…youve all been quite helpful to me whether youre aware of it or not!

At this point Ive hit a bit of a speedbump, and with noone knowledgeable enough my life to shed some light on the situation, I figured going ahead and actually posting here might give me some answers.

I recently evoked Azazel and requested that he show me my own true nature, the various things that may be preventing me from fully becoming this, and what I can do to remove these blockages.
Quite a few little worldly problems and mental barriers were shown to me, and so much advice was given that I could probably write a book on it. However, the most important thing he saved for last, and he told me it would be the final issue to fix before I unleash the god within.

He showed me an entity…it looked like a cloud of black smoke, which seemed to be staying near me, yet keeping its distance at the same time. He said this creature has been with me since I was born, and was actually “assigned” to prevent me from reaching full self-realization. It can only act from a distance, affecting mental vibrations and causing distractions…whatever it has to do to keep me off my path.

Now I remember E.A. saying that for a lot of situations, all you need is the entity’s name. (i may be incorrect on this). I brought this up, and Azazel said that to know its name, to speak or even think it, would bring the entity within a much closer reach where it could act fully on me, and then the game would REALLY begin. He said at this point, I am in no shape yet to deal with a creature of this type.

It made me feel at a loss, so I was told I have 2 options at this point. Technically one since I am on the ascension path. I can focus on raising my power to a point where I can banish this thing away from me…but that could take months or years.

The other option is to seek out someone much, much more powerful than myself and have them deal with it for me…the catch is that this creature is a “trickster” and only very highly ascended beings would be even able to even sense its presence.

I did try evoking Metatron and having him take care of this, and was only told that this is part of my awakening…so…wtf? I realize that this may sound far fetched even in a spiritual sense, but Azazel’s words about this have been ringing through my head for a week now, and I just need SOMEONE to give me some insight.

Other than to just continue what Im doing…any ideas?

If you want I could send something to take it out, but then again maybe this is something you need to deal with. Since its something that seems to have the purpose of taking you down, I don’t think the usual methods will scare it off. You’ll probably need to do three things, trap it, destroy it, or perminantly subdue it with your power.

None of these are really options most beginners have, I have entities that can do the first two options, if this is something you need to handle yourself, maybe you should look into finding entities to ally with to do away with it.

There is a way to trap entities without the help of other entities but I don’t currently know the details of how to do that, EA apprently will be talking about that in the evocation course though.

Thank you for the offer…Im not opposed to outside help, but I think youre correct in saying that this may be a more personal situation.

The fact that Azazel referred to the whole thing as “a game” and that this creature seems to play by certain rules are clues I think.

Its main way of distracting me is causing extreme, severe itching at horribly inopportune times. It was very bad when i was a child…my parents would literally have to tape mittens and socks on me so I wouldnt scratch myself bloody in my sleep.

It doesnt affect me constantly anymore, but I have noticed it will appear when Im in deep meditation, or trying to focus on a specific goal…all of a sudden a random spot on my body will just feel like its on fire, and no amount of scratching or medicated lotions or anything will get rid of it. I have scars all over my body from it. The sensation will bring me right out of whatever mental state im in, and put me immediately into anxiety and panic to the point that I immediately forget whatever it was I was just focused on.

I searched around today for these symptoms, and the only thing I could find was something called a “Maantrik”, a sorcerer-demon…I guess.

I dont know how reputable this site is, but this quote jumped out at me:
“They can be overpowered or destroyed only by Saints above the 95% spiritual level that function at the level of unmanifest (nirgun) form of God.”

Thats very close to what Azazel described to me…have you ever heard of anything of this nature before?

I would say, LotusEater, that there must be reason for this entity. I am convinced that if you chase it away without understaning WHY, it would more harm you than help you. You can consider it as kind of Guardian IMO.

On one hand Im inclined to agree, setting up limitations that Im forced to overcome is a great way to push spiritual development along…but when Im meditating and I suddenly find myself scratching my arm bloody…that seems kind of counter-intuitive, dont you think?

LotusEater, are you able to get in contact with that entity? From some point of view it’s You - your part of power. This entity represents your misused power.
I can see some connections to you past life where you were magician and were hurting people by magic. And many of your victims swore revenge and cursed you. It seems to be quite complicated case.
Try to forgive yourself and take responsibility for you past actions.

Ive seen these images of various past lives that involve the actions you mentioned, but Ive never known what to do with that knowledge.

Ive tried to talk to the entity in the past, but it is always keeping its distance, remaning silent, or occasionally laughing at me. In only ONE instance, I got angry and started shouting, “Tell me what or who you are! Im sick of this bullshit!”, and the only response I got was “You should know this by now” followed by a laugh.

Your insight has helped this knot to start unraveling though, so thank you!

You are welcome, LotusEater! I wish you lot of luck. The more you understand and forgive the more power and strength you gain. That is my opinion.

You are welcome, LotusEater! I wish you lot of luck. The more you understand and forgive the more power and strength you gain. That is my opinion.