Unlucky in love or cursed?

I dont know what category this might be so I put it in general. I am a 33 years old straight female. My problem is that I have never been into a decent relationship.I get into situationships that dont last long,always end up with my heart getting broken and I spend years trying to heal. I am loyal, and family oriented person but every guy I ever dated turned out to be a liar and a cheater. I dont have a mother and my grams was never into talking to me about guys and what to expect so I had to figure things on my own and when my family died I started feeling hopeless and like a wolf without a pack.I never celebrated Valentines day or had an anniversary or any other of the things that couples do and I was wondering why it has been always like that with me. I got pregnant in 2018 and the babies’ daddy decided that he wants to get back with his ex who was married to someone else. I decided to keep the babies ( twins) and raise them alone but unfortunately I had a miscarriage during the end of the first trimester. My question is am I cursed? How come that nobody seems to be interested in getting to know me better and love me?Sometimes I feel that I am supposed to end up alone so I should give up my desire to find love and have a family one day. I casted one general love spell that will attract someone but it didnt work :frowning:


I’ve followed you for a while on here Snow88…and if someone asked me to describe you in one sentence based on what I’ve seen of you, I would tell them, “She is a kind woman that is desperate for love that eludes her.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen you make a post that wasn’t related to you looking for a love spell of some kind. I view your story as a tragic one. Although I do not believe you are cursed, I do think that there is a problem internally within yourself that keeps love away from you. This may take some deep introspection to figure out. Regardless, I may not know you personally, but I would bet good money that you don’t really deserve this black shadow that appears to be floating above your head.

So here’s what I’ll do: I’m going to do some magick on your behalf in the coming weeks (unfortunately, I’m too busy in the near term) to help improve your love life. I also want to call upon @QueenMustang as I have a funny feeling that she will be able to give you some great insights and comfort on this matter…woman to woman, especially concerning your miscarriage…as this is something I have no experience with.

Last thing I’ll say is really directed at the forum. If you are reading this, I have a question for you: Does Snow88 stand alone? If not, let her know here through your words, actions or both. You may have miscarried your children and lost your dream to have a family, but until your dream is realized in the real world, the BALG family has your back.


Thank you so much for your help. Yes you are right I have been desperate and looking for ways to keep my last situationship. Someone also from this forum tried to help but I didnt get any results Maybe it didnt work out for my best interest and I was too blind to see it back then. If you want my real name or my photo please feel free to message me.


You are such a sweetheart of a person, Verdo! An inspiration.

This is exactly why I fell in love with the BALG forum aways back. (Lurked more than a year now) The empathy and kindness was palpable. It truly blew me away.

You’re right. Many people here have gone through similar things.

I also lost two children with the love of my life, who happens to suffer from mental illness (bipolar).

Just a few years ago… lost my gorgeous little girl, Liora, just days before she was to be born. The hospital refused to induce when we knew something was wrong. They didn’t want to break some record they had going for no births under 40 weeks, so they basically murdered our little girl.

Another, a boy I had named Pantheon, we lost just weeks before he was to be born. That was a bit over 10 years ago.

Both were soul crushing experiences with many powerful and lasting effects. It’s like a personal Chernobyl.

So no, Snow88 doesn’t stand alone. I know some of the pain. I, too, will add some power. Mostly angel magick if that is ok with Snow.

Thankfully, I actually do tend to get good results when asking for others. Often better than for myself. I think it’s because of the types of entities I mostly work with. They seem to really appreciate when you ask for the best for others.

You deserve a better life, @Snow88! Life isn’t long enough to spend in hurt. It’s time for a change.


This post hits all the right notes you’re a leader indeed!
@Snow88 wishing you all the very best on finding wholesome love. If I could say one thing I would say don’t focus on not having maternal guidance possibly leading you to snake poor choices in men.


You’re not alone @Snow88. You’re not alone in the struggle of finding love. And just because you haven’t found love yet, does not mean you are not lovable, don’t forget that.

I’m very sorry to hear about your misscarriage. Sadly, it happens a lot more than we think.
Nobody likes to talk about it, understandable, but I think if we talked more about it, women wouldn’t have to feel so alone when it happens.


Ur choices are bad,it seems u like bad boys

One tip check astrology chart of potential lover and see astrology compatibility.

You are mos def NOT alone. This has been my experience for decades! Yikes! However, I have learned several things. 1) Astrologically speaking, my Venus is in Retrograde natally. This denotes two things: A) Clandestine love affairs - and I always have the best relationships (friendly and romantically with married men.) Let me say that the two who were married, I didn’t know starting out and ended quickly once I did. I don’t believe in helping someone cheat. B) It denotes that in past lives, I may have been a person who abused or used those that loved me. Karma isn’t necessarily a punishment, but a lesson or correction of our past behaviors. Treat others like you wish to be treated.

I have also learned that this lifetime has primarily been teaching me about self-love. Being whole within myself. Once that is achieved, there’s no more lust for results or unrealistic expectations from others.

Now that I have cleared most of those issues, including the anger I used to feel from my late father for his neglect, I have literally been awakened to someone who I know unequivocally is my “soul mate.”. This person is me and I am him. I feel whole, complete and ready to experience life with him, not for him. Again, it took me decades to break the cycle of pain and reach this point.

I would suggest working with the Goddess Venus and with any Saturn-type Gods or Demonic Divine (Azazel, etc.) They can certainly give you the backstory on your situation and/or help guide you to the point of self-love and a wholesome, mutually loving relationship.

Blessings to you, Sister.


No, you are not cursed. I think that a big chunk of how we come to our understanding and our wishes about love and intimacy builds upon what we are learning from family members about it. To dumb it down: we are (to a certain extent) imitating relationship patterns that are shown to us by our caregivers. If these patterns are destructive or dysfunctional or even absent (like in your case) we are having a hard time to navigate through intimacy boundaries.

Now you are left with some kind of fundamental lack of instinctive knowledge about how to negotiate your own needs and feelings vs. somebody elses needs and feelings. The outcome so far: you’re trading your need for companionship and affection with whatever these guys had to offer in the first place:

I do know where you are coming from because my own upbringing conditioned me to be with somebody, no matter what (because I don’t suffice as a person, so to speak). It made me confusing the bare minimum with genuine affection and care and I ended up with my own share of manipulative scum. I have wasted my best years with partners that added to my narrative of not being good enough on my own; in a way they have mirrored my caregivers attitude that I should be happy that just someone would want to put up with me. It was something that I believed wholeheartedly for a very long time.

Now comes the cliché part that nobody wants to hear:
I had to learn to genuinely know and love/tolerate myself before I could even start to imagine with what kind of people I would like to spend my time with (and therefore starting to attract them into my circle). All of these years I was cultivating a self-image that was simply wrong and not authentic. It invited intimate partners into my life who simply reacted to this surface; they could not handle everything beyond it. Because I couldn’t even handle it myself.

If you start to genuinely spend time with yourself (instead of waiting for love to come around so you don’t have to spend time with yourself) you will discover what you truly need and want, and what you can offer in return. You will also come to know that you deserve companionship and affection and genuine care. And you will come to know that you will not accept anything half-assed from someone that you can’t offer yourself in many better ways. Self-love rituals should be your next to-do before you start to attract a potential partner again.

Try this route again if you have managed to discover yourself. You would be surprised how less “general” and vague your love spell will turn out to be.


You have my sympathy and condolences, @Snow88. From what I gather from your post, you seem like a kind, caring person that wants to be loved. Your words radiate that energy.

I have gone through a great loss. I have not lost any children, but I know the loss of loved ones. Because of that, my sister and I are not getting along. I too seem to be unlucky in love or cursed.

I’m always broke. I can’t seem to hold on to money or a job long enough to gain any wealth. My attempts at trying to run a business/side hustle aren’t fruitful. As far as love is concerned, women view me as a joke. They don’t seem to be attracted to me at all. No love, no lust, no sex for me.

The only advice that I can give you is to love yourself. That’s what Aphrodite told me in a dream years ago. Don’t give up. Keep fighting. Ask Papa Legba, the Goddess Venus/Aphrodite, and Azazel for guidance. Also, do as many purifications and banishing as possible to clear your space and aura of negative energies. I hope this helps.

We all need help in some way.

Peace and blessings.


Thank you so much.Sending you a big hug

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Thank you <3

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I have lost my family (the one I was raised from) as well unfortunately and I am completely alone now. I worked with Mammon so I am suggesting him to you. He has helped me many times without even doing a ritual, just by talking to him and using a self made mantra. Also the rune Fehu has helped me a lot of times . I hope if you try them they will help you as well <3


I’m sorry for the late response, I’m just now logging in and seeing this. @Snow88, I’ve responded to a few of your posts, and I feel the same as @Verdo. You seem like a kind & gentle soul that is looking, almost yearning for love and can’t seem to find it with the right person.

There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with you.

I used to feel the same way before I married my husband. I was always finding jerks that were either married or in a relationship that lied to me about being single, jerks that couldn’t commit and cheated, Jerks that led me on to believe we were something more than we were, the list goes on. I finally had enough and remember distinctly being so fed up in my barracks room that I said out loud, I’m not getting into another relationship unless this man is my future husband. I wrote out a list of qualities I needed, not wanted…but needed in order to be happy. I met my husband and married him within 6 months of making that declaration. That was 18 years ago in 2004.

The following year in 2005 I got pregnant after I came back from a deployment. I had a threatened miscarriage at around 8 weeks and made it to 22 weeks before I went into preterm labor and gave birth to my daughter. She died an hour later…it was and is still the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. Like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. I’m sorry you had to experience this as well. For six years afterwards, the doctors couldn’t find why I couldn’t have kids, but I got pregnant again in 2011…and then again in 2012, 2014, and 2016. I have 4 kids after not knowing if I would ever carry a child again. If you desire to have a family, it will happen.

No, you’re not cursed, not at all. Please don’t give up that desire, because it’s the desire and intent that will help fuel bringing this into existence. My motto is always if it can happen, it will happen. If it’s possible for you to have a wonderful partner and beautiful family, then you’ll have both those things. There are a lot of jerks in the world. The fact that they’re incapable of loving a person or treating a person with respect isn’t a reason to come down on yourself and view yourself as unlovable or cursed. It’s just a character flaw of those jerks. Nothing more.

There are plenty of good guys out there, it’s just a matter of that person coming to you. I learned this as I got older. I also learned to love myself so I wouldn’t feel as if I needed a man to complete me. I’m not saying this is what’s happening here, I’m just saying what I had to come to terms with.

I feel like some healing and self love may be in order. I really do hope to log in one day and read a post about things getting better for you. You’re energy radiates through your screenname and I feel you have a genuine desire to connect with someone.

Don’t forget YOU have the power to change your reality. Almost anything you desire is within reach.

I hope I was of some help.


You’re welcome, and thank you for the hug! Hugs back.

PM me any details of your energetic signature and I’ll send the little group I usually send. (I can explain how it worked for the last person it helped, if you want)

I usually go on a photo and name. I suppose a nickname could work, too, if you identify with it strongly.

Much thanks to @Verdo for calling people in to help.

I hate to see good people suffer. I consider it privilege to participate in this group working for you.


Oh no! How does work in a place like Greece? It seems like family is everything there. :cry:

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@Snow88 No, you are not alone. Although I grew up in a two parent household, it took me a long time to realize how dysfunctional and toxic my parents are. I was brought up not to question nor speak my mind. I was my mother’s “doll”, so to speak and she dictated pretty much every aspect of my life. My father was detached and unapproachable as he was deep into alcohol addiction. To keep the peace, I went out of my way to be nice, which as an adult, also transferred to my romantic relationships. I didn’t stand up for myself nor demand respect because I didn’t want any discord.

I’ve had two longterm relationships, both leading to marriage. Within both marriages I was physically, verbally, mentally, and financially abused. Both men left me for other women. I felt unlovable thinking how much my husbands must have loved these women to end our marriage. I too have felt unlucky in love as I’ve allowed myself to be taken advantage of in several relationships. Upon self-reflection, I’ve realized that I’ve been so focused on being nice to others, I haven’t been kind to myself. With that said, I’m working on myself by setting hardcore boundaries and figuring out what my non-negotiables are. For the moment, I am not currently seeking a relationship. I’m having fun casually dating, meeting new people, and having great sex. And let me tell you, it’s been a revelation. As @QueenMustang said, there are many good guys out there.

I’ve been working with Belial, Sitri, Sallos, and Beleth. My self-love and self-worth has skyrocketed. My best friend mentioned how much I smile now. I look back at old pictures and she is right. The quality of men I’m meeting has improved because I have improved. I know it sounds like a cliché, but when you start to love yourself, that energy is put out into the world and people with higher vibrations are drawn to it.

Remember, it’s one thing to be nice and another to be kind. Don’t “nice” your way into being used and tolerating bullshit. Time is one thing we can’t get back; spend it on/with those deserving.

Big hugs.


My mom abandoned me when i was 1 (my brother was 6 months old) and I was taken by my father’s grandparents. My father made sure that we knew that he didnt want us as we were growing up and his new wife drifted us appart. My grandparents died in 2006 and 2013 so I end up being alone. I am not on speaking terms with my brother because he stole a huge amount of money from me.

I know I sound over dramatic but unfortunately it is the truth


It’s not overdramatic when it’s simply the truth.

A very wise friend of mine once said to me that a family person will always find a family.
You will find what you’re looking for.