Unlocking the Spirits in Kingdom of Flames?

Hi, so there are some spirits I’m interested in working with in KoF, but I’ve heard you need to “open the gateway” in order for them to come to me and hear my requests… can someone help me out with this process because there are some demons in that grimoire I’m highly interested in.


Most times when books say i need to do these complicated rituals, I just ignore it. You can usually get by, by asking the leading or teaching spirit to initiate you into the system. No spirits have gotten mad at me for it thus for and are fine with it.


As someone who works regularly with the beings from Kingdoms of Flames, I can state that no, you do not need to open the square of the kingdom first (i assume that is what you mean by “gateway.”). In fact, in both Works of Darkness, and Evoking Eternity, as well as the evocation course, EA has the student call upon some of the beings using just their seals.

However, I will also state that, in my experience, I have found that having the energies of the kingdom flow into my ritual area makes the seal of the spirit open quicker and the response from the spirit more pronounced.


I agree with @DarkestKnight. Basically they are not (always) for protection; the demons will not do any harm to you especially as long as you show respect them IMO but having said that;sometimes it 's good to go by book, why ? Just b/c some parts of rituals do generally empower demons and hence the response from the spirit become more pronounced.

You may think them like the circle, what if we don’t have it, mostly you will not have a problem, however it’s good to have one as that circle empowers demons.

Please watch the following video of EA for a better explanation…:slight_smile:

A Magick Circle EMPOWERS A Demon - Not Enslaves Them


I begin by using the cleansing and purification incantation which is in the kingdom of flames, whilst scattering salt water in the area, performing circumambulation.

Here I drew the seal of the sorcerer, which gives the sorcerer greater influence and power over the powers, spirits and gates in the kingdoms.

I also used the square, along with the sigil of the spirit.

EA Koetting has a technique on his evocation course to open these squares sort of like a sigil opening.

One the square opens I hold the seal of the sorcerer in the air and state something like

" I open the gate of the kingdom of the night,
Alash Tad Alash’Talashtu ".

A simple statement of will, next the energies of the kingdom, will flood through the temple.
You can exit your body and travel through that gateway, also it acts as a gateway to bring the spirit here.

I activated the sigil of the spirit, that belongs to that kingdom and begin calling it forth.
I place then the sigil of the entity on top of the actual square.

Connecting the flow of the kingdoms power, to feed the growing presence and charging the sigil.

I then just simply give a summoning incantation, calling the entity forth.

You can do it like this, to be honest if you just want to communicate with that spirit.
Then just use a sigil.

The seal, sigil and square are really for ascending through the kingdoms, obtaining the powers and initation through each realm from all spirits.