Unlocking tbe abyssm?

Hi,here again,first thing diferent traditions,have a way to unlock the abysm rght? But wat is in tere? Wat do we gain? Power? Knowledge? Or just anoter spiritual test? Im going to see wat is about nxt full moon.but the abysm sounds intense,any of ya guys try it yet? Ciao.

The abyss is a place of formation and destruction - it is chaos - a link between the formative and that which lies purely in the abstract. To reach the realms beyond the abyss one must shed their ego. This is not permanent like RHP magicians will have you believe, your ego is still there when you come back (just look at Crowley), but the realms beyond that place cannot support constructs like self identity. Everything is far more abstract.

In going to the abyss and beyond, we gain both power and knowledge, but it is innate - a form of energetic gnosis. It takes a very experienced practitioner to be able to accomplish this. Also, the idea of being trapped in the abyss is somewhat of a false concept. It is only those who cannot surrender, at least temporarily, their ego and sense of self who will not move higher in their spiritual ascension. It is where many magicians halt in the progress for a long while.

Awesome,i will reread,bcse i need 2 understan tis deeply,but if ya could say in others words,? Meaning,my enghlis is not tat good,but i will re,study,time,aftrer time,tanks

Hmm, to put it in simpler terms, the abyss is a place of chaos, and is a place that divides the lower worlds from the higher ones. To cross the abyss and enter the higher worlds, the magician must abandon all aspects of his identity. He must be able to become pure consciousness, and nothing more. Otherwise he cannot move beyond the abyss. The abyss is the place where the magician must learn to do this, and it is not easy. That’s why so much importance is placed on the abyss. The abyss serves other functions as well, in that it is where abstract ideas begin to take form and move into the lower astral worlds.

Tanks,for the review,so its like we are alone tere facing our fears,memories to shape our life,beliefs,etc,and if we pass the test,facing oue demons,we attain,shape our destiny.excellent,post,idea,info,wisdom,tanks,zo much,!!!.!