Unknown entity?

hi! my friend has an entity in their house that’s been with them for a while. here’s the info i got from them. she can he him clearly and has seen him change his appearance. he appeared to her as a babadook lookin thing but then changed into a bird creature and then to a young boy. she also saw him in a dream once and in the dream she basically revived him from the dead and he was very kind and sweet to her. she mostly senses his presence in her room but has also sensed him elsewhere including far away from her house. she just gets overall very spooky vibes from him and it’s pretty overwhelming and scary :frowning:

she wants to know what to do about them? any tips? thanks !!

Banishing ritual, cleanse the space, and clean up her ritual area. Easy as that, want more? Pick a purifying element, sea salt works fine, after banishing, cleanse, and cleaning put salt in doorways and window seals, tell her then to take some time to meditate and evaluate her situation, self works before her next contact with anything.

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How did she went from this

To this

Did something happened that made her feel scared? Is she scared of him because she’s not familiar with entities, or is it because of her religion?

Since she can hear him clearly, did she tried to simply…ask? Most of the times issues can be resolved rather easily and especially in her case where she can hear him so clearly.

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