Universal circle storage

Not sure how to store my universal circle. I haven’t used it yet and plan to link/personalize it with my blood. Problem is I’m not so sure it’s okay to leave a powerful circle open all the time. What’s the safest way to go about storing it? Thanks guys.

I usually just fold it up and put it away with my other tools.


And how exactly do you store your other tools? In some sort of container? Or just “put away”

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I have a place that is specifically for my magical tools. I don’t have a dedicated temple so I have to put my tools away somewhere when I’m not using them. Right now, that “somewhere” is a gym bag.

Sounds pretty casual lol. Thanks man

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I probably should treat my tools better lol

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While we’re at it, have you noticed difference in your evocation? I’ve read about it on the forums already. Just looking for an extra experience

My are just on a bookshelf in my closet…


With the UC? Definitely.

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Cool cool, sounds like it works for you. Appreciate the answer.

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Thanks again. I’m excited

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Store it anywhere

Actually, while I have multiple altars, I put my tools away in a chest (although I have used a duffle bag as well). It helps slip into the state of mind I need to be in when I take out something “sacred” as opposed to keeping them out where they become normalized in mind, or “profane”.


By the way, my first evocation with the circle was phenomenal. This shit makes me want to evoke all day lmao

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