Universal Circle and Asenath Mason and S.Ben Qayn Books

I just ordered E.A. Koettings Universal Circle and I also bought his complete library over at amazon and when I get Paid this coming week I plan to buy the Lucifer compendium, Awakening Lucifer and Black Magick of Ahriman. but enough about that My Question is can I use the Universal Circle to work with and evoke the Jinn from S.Ben Qayn’s book of smokeless fire because if you have read the book you will see that alot of the circles are very hard to draw and also can I use it to work with and evoke from Asenath Masons books I know that her workings dont require circle but I wanted know if I could if it ever required it.

Yes. The Universal Circle is just what it says. It can be used for the evocation of any entity.