Universal circle advice

so mega excited my universal circle arrived today.

So I read on posts to charge it with blood.

how do i do this???

Just prick my finger and trace my blood in the writing ???

You don’t have to trace the writing. Just smear it across them and a small amount is all you need.

EA goes over it at the 20 minute mark in this video here:

sweet thanks

You’re welcome, man. i love my UC! :slight_smile:

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so just kneel inside and spread my blood across the symbols.

no chant or anything

Nope. EA has already magically charged the circle, as he explains in the video I linked. What you are doing with your blood is binding it to you. Nothing else is required but the anointing. You can say something like, “With my blood I now bind this circle to me,” or something along those lines if you want to but it isn’t necessary.

However, feel free to dress the basics up in whatever way you wish :slight_smile:

cool I just.

smeared my blood across whilst chanting Alash chant.

I cannot wait to use it tomorrow

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for someone who is new I deffo felt energy when i knelt inside it

Yeah, it’s pretty potent :slight_smile: