Unisis, Chief of the Crossroads

This thread details a personal effort I worked on alongside certain spirits (not associated with BALG, the business or their authors), to give a gift to this community. This is an individual, unofficial piece of work, and is not issued or otherwise tied to Become a Living God.

Unisis and the Forum

Unisis is the entity that rules over the Crossroads realm, that which the lwa Kalfu is emissary to, and the world that hides behind the hinges of life.

I have worked with Unisis for some time, under a different name. Why, you may ask?

Because this has been a joint “science project” between Unisis and myself.

Unisis and I have worked out an arrangement to make him available to forum members for in depth work, since not many know of his identity.

In other words, Unisis is the living, breathing part of the Crossroads. This is my personal effort to bring the consciousness of that location to be present within the forum, so that people can not only “visit” crossroads, but also understand the nature of the location.

Unisis can be accessed and talked to through the crossroads themselves, or through summoning him, or through his sigil. All are reliable methods of attaining communication.

The success of this experiment will determine if more of these events will be handed to the forum in the future. I am deeply curious to see what your experiences with this entity, and its sorcery, are. We have engineered Unisis to be everything requested in my Chimeras thread. So let’s go into more detail about that, shall we?

Unisis’ Appearance

Unisis takes the form of a spider, with the torso of a dark-skinned man jutting out of the grey spider’s head. Unisis has six arms and six legs, and his head is that of a grey, hairy spider’s.

Unisis holds a different tool in each arm: a book, a mirror, a skull, a scythe, and a bow and arrow.

Do be advised that he may take different appearances to each summoner, however, this is his “base” form.

The Powers of Unisis

The six legs of Unisis represent his six offices, which are as follows:

  1. Evolution
  2. Adeptship/Mentoring
  3. Necromancy
  4. Protection
  5. Swiftness
  6. Discovery

Let’s talk about what each of these mean in more depth.


Evolution is easily described as “the process of adapting with time”. Unisis assists in accelerating the progress and prowess of your abilities and sorcery, acting as a battery for spells and acting upon your will. Additionally, because evolution is a “water”-based concept, Unisis has access to elemental water in a masterful capacity. This means Unisis can assist you in emotional development as well as spiritual development, as well as effect the development of others to your specifications.


This is in a similar vein to evolution, but polarized in the opposite way. Unisis can do more than accelerate you, he can indeed teach you- which is the “air” polarization of his abilities. Unisis has access to a range of knowledge that, quite literally, spans universes. He is a font of intelligence and wisdom that can be accessed by any posting member, simply by asking.

Of course, Unisis’ elemental prowess also lets him perform feats with air that are fearsome in manifestation. From becoming a boon to an academic career, to a cash cow for the heads of a mental institution, Unisis’ control over air and, subsequently, brains is near unmatched.


Unisis’ earth polarization, his skill in necromancy is extremely high. Unisis specializes in ancestral work, specifically, and has a penchant for uncovering sorcerous forebears in your bloodline. He can call upon entire bloodlines at once, and their united spirit. Depending on the tendencies of these bloodlines, and the summoner, they may wish to take you in- and there is nothing quite like having more than two sets of blood ancestors, or even more than four.

The powers of earth are also relevant to Unisis’ “kit”, though to a lesser degree than the other elements. He is a master of the “passive” side of the elemental, which are the thresholds of life and death themselves. He watches those who pass into life, and pass away from it, with his twelve eyes, each a separate color. This is a useful ability for determining if someone has died in surgery, or in an accident that you cannot physically perceive.


Unisis, by nature, protects the integrity of the forum itself, and due to his central role can be likened to a massive foundation pillar on a spiritual level.

This can also be extended to the summoner, should they so desire. Unisis can provide one with balancing in the face of overwhelming energy, binding of curses and opponents, and protection so air-tight that growth can be fostered within.


Another “air” component to this elemental behemoth, Unisis is Mercurial in nature and prioritizes speedy results. He strikes quickly, and often lethally, in the manner of a spider.

However, his speed extends beyond the sphere of results. He is quick to come, for those who have met his challenges and requirements, and quick to deliver messages and information where necessary.

Be warned: Unisis has little patience for stagnation, and if you are deliberately stagnating your life, he will change it as brutally as he can.


The final, and “fire” component of this god, is the essence of discovery and novelty. Unisis adores “new” things, from summons to rituals to offerings. This is why I have not included a set incantation, offerings, or ritual to call him by- he thrives off absorbing new information.

This discovery can also be put to many different purposes. Should you be needing to discover yourself, he can facilitate that. Need to understand something about someone new in your life? Check. Need to discover something hidden, or uncover treasure? Check.

Provide Unisis with something new upon each interaction with him, and you will find an everlasting supply of entertainment and/or opportunities. What kind of either you shall receive, is dependent upon whether Unisis favors your “brand” of novelty.


Polarity: Grey
Species: Spider God
Numbers: 4, 6, 12, 14, 20, 42
Colors: Grey, Amber, Black, Green
Elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth
Directions: All
Planets: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Sol
Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Tarot: The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, Judgement/Adjustment
Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Animals: Spiders, Moths, Sharks, Snakes, Dragons
Plants/Herbs: Sage, Coriander, Indigo
Sigil: [url=http://imgur.com/a/xanHI]http://imgur.com/a/xanHI[/url]


Ah, you didn’t think this was available for all kinds of forum members, did you? What, with the tempers that tend to flare here and the differing ideologies that have come to blows before.

The agreement with Unisis and his cooperation with, and assumption of the unofficial position of egregore, forum members has a few requirements in order to work with him. There are three, and they are exceedingly simple:

  • You must have at least 25 posts.
  • You cannot use Unisis’ power against another forum member.
  • You must write document, in physical or digital format, your work with Unisis, in order to pass it on.

These requirements are to ensure that there will be no attacks between forum members that have access to this power, and that the mysteries hidden within his soul are ever further unpacked.

These are the agreements of the pact.

This is an unofficial union, and is in no way associated with this business. Unisis is a creation for forum members, brought about by a forum member and a curious spirit who wished to experiment.


I shall summon him and list my experiences

Unisis lives! Hail Unisis! Hail Rosani! Thank you, Lady Eva!

Thank you, Velotak! I cant wait to work with him. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your work Velotak, ive aleady got an impession of him so ill present myself to him and see how it works.

Well, since Unisis wants experiences posted.

I opened the sigil, on my laptop screen and closed my eyes, pushing intent. I had previously felt prompted, and then had a twitch, which I was sure was Unisis actually calling me. My knee felt itchy, a trait that activates when someone is evoking me, so that’s how I started the sigil opening.

By the time I had opened my eyes, the white on my screen had begun to go into the screen, like a kind of bridge made of light, until I stepped onto it, and walked into my screen, and found it to be a giant spiderweb, with Unisis standing there, at the center, evoking me from the first few circle-ish parts of the web, which acted as a kind of summoning circle.

I took a knee, before the god of crossroads, and upon announcing myself, and him announcing himself we began talking, after which I beseeched him for his blessings, boons, his patronage and his teachings, and protections and all of that stuff.

Then I crafted him a sword from the demonic energy, extracted through demon’s blood donated from a friend, and opened the door for his webs to extend to a magical order, allowing him to absorb the knowledge from there.

Then, I had simply lied there, and asked for him to “envenom” me. For a moment, he seemed surprised, and for a moment, significantly less so. He then proceeded to do it, biting four times, once for each element, and I can already feel his presence so…yaaay.

I like this guy, and will obviously be posting more since I’m somewhat obliged to do so.

Very cool.

So I just got home from work. Was chillin laid back on my bed and read Arcanes post. So I figured what the heck and opened Unisis sigil. I stared at it with a soft focus so eventually I was seeing double. I started repeating his name in my mind. And finally he appeared.
He appeared to me as a half man half spider. His upper body was man but his legs were spider legs. I saw him holding a book that looked really old and worn.

He called me by a name that very few know me as.
He spoke to me and said, you seek knowledge. You want to learn things and unlock great mysteries and have adventures.
He said you also worry you are alone, but you have many great friends.
Yes. I do its true.
I was also worried about what to offer him. Since I didnt really plan ahead and couldnt think of anything unique or special. It seemed as if he read my mind.
Because, he said when you were a little girl you had a favorite book.
Yes, Cinderella.
So He said how about we trade. I’ll give you my book and you give me yours. So I handed over Cinderella and he gave me his book.
I opened it to the front page. And it said ‘Carpe diem’.
(Seize the day)
After that I came out of the trance state.

And thats my first experience :slight_smile:

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Actually all spirits which require coriander are somehow powerful in necromancy.

Funny this came back up, huh @Aluriel?