Unintentional Pull out of States

For some reasons I pull out of most of my mental Changes…
How do i stop that habit?
So much for the short version.

After getting into the T/G-Sync on my way to the Crossroads as soon as I feel the Change my Mind goes “Hey there something. Yay!” aaaand its gone…
And it happens with the Rapture, the Sleep border and alcohol intoxication and so on.

Any recommendations?

Some suggestions:

  1. Keep practicing and don’t give up.
  2. Mindfulness meditation. This allows you to get used to being aware of things coming into and out of awareness without distracting your steady attention. Then you can broaden your awareness, and observe exactly what happens that causes your mind to shift. Then it’s a simple matter of noticing what works and doing it. (Refer to step 1 ;-).)