Unhealthy obsession over my ex - help

My ex recently broke up with me. I was fine with it though it stung, I went through the healing process and still am. I cannot find myself moving on no matter how hard I try. I cut the link between us but when I saw it astrally/spiritually it was dripping in blood. It was extremely tough to cut but I did it anyways. I had a good time afterwards and realized my self worth as while I was in the relationship I was self sacrificing an insane amount. Everything and anything I threw away for this person. Our relationship was extremely unhealthy yet it was like I was living in a… Fantasy world. It was nothing I ever experienced since I’m always so rational. We broke up twice but each time I found myself crawling back to them no matter how much I didn’t want to go back it was like I need(ed) them to live. I’m an extremely independent person, fiercely I am, I’ve been in multiple relationships and I have never experienced these type of after-effects. My ex also practices witchcraft, when we first met after a week or so I got non-stop visions of us having ties and being bonded together, something I’m still unsure of either being a destined/karmic type of thing or a product of a love spell.
I get sudden violent surges of why he has not communicated with me, I’ve begun to obsess over him, it’s gotten so bad that I feel like I’m worthless without him. I know I am a whole person and I value myself but yet I feel I’m being eaten at constantly, even now I desire to contact them but so many warnings and even my higher beings told me to leave him alone.
I listened and moved on and so many good things came for me, I began to become successful, now I’m falling back into the pit of self sabotaging like how I was when I was with them. Even now all I can think of is being with him, it’ll make me so happy but I do not want him because I know someone better is out there for me. Any advice on breaking free of this I’m open to hearing, if it is a love spell, hopefully others can see how detrimental their spells are on people who simply want to live their lives and not have one be their entire universe.
I do not want to be with someone who wants me to throw everything away for them - it isn’t a good or healthy relationship, I honestly want out but multiple readings told me he won’t let me go. I keep getting visions of prison as well that I don’t understand, when I asked why I was receiving them it was because he wanted me back, I’m assuming he is going to fear tactics or worse to keep me under him, there was even a point where I was told he was going to visit me because he loved me and I casted a spell to direct him away. I know that if he even has the audacity to do such a thing I’LL be the one calling the cops. This whole ordeal is making me go nuts, I seriously need help from the outside looking in because I want it to end. Permanently. I don’t want to slander him or anything else I seriously just want clarity on this whole situation.


Continue cutting the cord, banish and shield yourself regularly, and work with Venus on some good ol’ self love.

It sounds like this guy might have cast a spell on you so you need to break it. I recommend Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance from Kingdoms of Flame. His seal is available on the forum, and he specialises in breaking curses and freeing the mind from phobias, addictions, and obsessions.


How I broke my ex’s hold on me

Scroll down to part 2, since you definitely won’t want to do part 1.

The key part is to decide that YOU are in charge. My ex practiced black magick and had been doing so long before I began experimenting with white witchcraft. He tried everything. I fought back with magick, using all of my willpower and might.

It’s a process, but it worked.

Good luck.


Thank you. He is even stalking me and I saw that he has some type of conjoined spell of some sort where literally our heads are one. This allows him to control my mentality as well as hear/see my thoughts but the same thing is done for me where I see/hear his thoughts. It was the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen I’m still getting chills down my spine.
He’s attempting to do some type of spell where we become one. He has this insane belief that we’re soul mates and are destined for one another but I know he wants to use me. I refuse to be used. Thank you for your help.

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