Undoing an oath?

So a while back I made a verbal Oath with my Spirit lover about something personal but now I realized I was too rash in making it (she also warned me at the time). She gave me permission to break it, so by just saying that I am breaking the oath, would it work?

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Yes, but you might want to consider making it “official” by doing a small ritual with your spirit lover as witness.


I’ve found that it is wise to listen to those warnings sometimes


I agree with @Twilight_Dragon. You should include the ritual as well.

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I agree with @DarkestKnight as we don’t know what Your oath was about try doing a small ritual and maybe give an offering as a sign of respect and appreciation.

Bonds should never be rushed into and warnings are there for a reason…if the warning was specific then take that in to account during the ritual.


Thanks for the advice guys. She was good with it.

Lesson learnt fortunately in a non painful way.

I guess someone is getting a surprise. She definitely deserves it.

It was more like you’re not ready for this yet.

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Lol… She’s giving you out a little bit too easy… Mhh.How ‘powerful’ is she… Her influence that is

That’s stuff I won’t discuss publicly but she is pretty powerful. I guess she’s letting me off because we grew fairly close.

Mhh… Okay