Uncrossing & Spiritual Restoration & Freedom : Guided Meditation With The Angels Of The Kingdom Of Flames

Uncrossing & Spiritual Restoration & Freedom : Guided Meditation With The Angels Of The Kingdom Of Flames

In this guided meditation we call upon the presence/energies and powers of these two beings found within the kingdom of flames magickal system. Opfaal from the kingdom of shadows is an angel who’s description is as follows.

“Opfaal - Angel of deliverance, Opfaal will deliver the magician from any type of magickal curse or spiritual bondage. He can free the mind from any fears or plagues, and can release an individual from addiction. It is in his power to lift any enchantment that may he working on any person and to restore one’s spiritual health.”

Simultaneously involved herein is the angel known as Deggal and his description is below.

“Deggal glorious angel of light, deggal will surround the magician in his mantle of light which will serve to show one’s greatest qualities and exemplifies the godliness within.”

Deggal can be found in the second kingdom of flames and whilst these entities may be angels the angels within this particular magickal system are unlike any you’ve ever experienced or witnessed before.

This meditation can be done anywhere although I’d recommend a spiritual bath, containing herbs, spell powders, oils, elixirs and other tinctures associated to cleansing, uncrossing, hexbreaking, and things of this nature. As doing so allows the energies of the magickal imbued waters to intermingle and synchronise with the energies of both angels, which work together in harmony and compliment one another. Although of course this can also be done in a regular meditation, the benefits of this are as follows.

  1. Spiritual Cleansing
  2. Spiritual Restoration Of Health & Hygiene
  3. Uncrossing, Hex-breaking, Undoes Magickal Attacks, Bindings & Any Form Of Spiritual Bondage
  4. Revitalises The Energy System
  5. Detoxifies The Energy Body & Energy Centres
  6. Exemplifies One’s Own Divine Essence & Energy

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I had to bookmark this video.
It felt good doing it and I feel better now, so thank you for this meditation Mr Kendall :slightly_smiling_face:

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