Uncrossing ritual

I would like to know what this uncrossing ritual is? And how it is performed. Ive been reading a lot of different sources this paticular ritual keeps coming up

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An “uncrossing” work is done when the person is “crossed”.

The word “crossed” has to do with a traditional way to mark works in a pattern of a “X” (not exactly a cross) to fix or to block something/someone (five dots spot).

In my opinion there are four main causes:

  1. someone has done some works on the person;
  2. the person crossed him/herself (doing wrong works, lots of mixed works at the same time or evil/baneful magick on others without proper grounding/protection. Sometimes wrong decisions, harming others, bad habits, cultivating bad thoughts/feelings can end crossing a person);
  3. the person is crossed because a very negative environment (toxic relationships at home, at work, negative places);
  4. evil spirits, possession, generational curses. It can be more than one of these options.

It is required a reading to determine if the person is really crossed and what is the main cause of such condition.

The uncrossing is a higher level work performed when the person has recurrent situations and have done cleansings, healings, blessings with little or no success. Different conjurers/root doctors have different stiles of works, so they can be done in different ways with different materials. It is very common the use of double action candles, burned upside-down to reverse situations. Mirrors are also common to reverse situations and to send back works. Mirror boxes can be done when it is known the perpetrator of the work. Black, white and red candles are common, black pepper, black mustard seeds, coffee (grains or powder), saltpeter, gun powder, sulfur/brimstone, ammonia, urine, alum, garlic, vinegar, lemon, rosemary, spearmint, rue, basil, salt, several condition oils and incense also are common on such works.

I myself work with five candles in a plate, a central candle and four around arranged in a cross. I put the petition under the plate. I use some oils to anoint the candles accordingly to the situation. I burn incense and pray some Psalms over the work. Note that for uncrossing I use the pattern of a cross and not a “X” (“X” is for crossing people/situations). This is just and example of “uncrossing” work.