Unchain Your Godlike Omnipotence On July 17th!

I HEREBY PROCLAIM… The Powers Of The Ancient Gods Are Soon Yours!

Join us, as we summon the Spirits of Destiny to ignite a firestorm in the collective mind of humanity. Together, we’ll release a torrent of magickal forces and forever alter the Eternal Ascent of Man.

May the angels and demons be at your side. Because on 7/17 we call upon their services en masse.

Ready yourself now. You’ve been warned! (Please Like & Share)

Unchain Your Godlike Omnipotence On July 17th!

Can’t wait!! :slight_smile: Thanks guys!!

From my mind to yours…

Let us break ground and summon spirits from the highest heavens, and deepest infernos, so that we may command Omnipotence and experience Eternal Ascent!

We cast our circles together on July 17th.


When i was waiting for the complete works i couldnt wait, but now i have that precious books in my hands and i am working through it teachings to get ready for July! So i am pretty relaxed now.

And the best is that the quality will be great for learning without problems for such secret and divine knowledge and PRATICE.

I am really excited for this.

Also it looks like you have learned alot about sound quality and post production so even though it wasn’t a huge deal for the last course it looks like this will be presented a bit more cleanly

Cant’ wait

Fucking awesome! Well done EA, you are truly turning the occult world on its head by eliminating the secrecy thus…making the occult a thing of the past.

I’m so stoked, I can’t wait. If the first course is anything to go by, I’m sure it will not disappoint.

Just curiously EA, do you have any idea at this point how much this course will cost?


and will you also release consecrated circle or such stuff?

taokua: search for the thread “what do you want to see in the evocation course”, to get an idea of some of the stuff that will likely be in there.

Yea, you’re right in your assessment. But there were a number of things that EA said “ah, yea, that should be in there!” or something of that sort.

So I would suspect that the general framework of Evoking Eternity and the ebook will be in there, and then likely a number of subtopics that are only alluded to will also be covered.

But this is merely informed speculation on my part. I suspect they will release a tentative table of contents soon that will answer your question better.

Looking forward to it ! :slight_smile:


The hellfire is raging in anticipation for the demonic spirits we will uncage soon.

The death hounds are howling in fear, as good sane people scatter back into their houses for safety.

Chisel out a heart of stone, and summon all the courage you can muster, because on July 17th, I am smashing open the gates to Omnipotence permanently.

This summer we ignite a firestorm of the blackest energy the world has ever witnessed. In the dead heat of the season, I’m unveiling the truest rites of evocation, full possession, and blood contracts.

Join us. Like/Share.

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Fuck yeah EA! I can’t wait for this program!


I just read something pretty amusing about people praying to stop this. lol Well done E.A. I'll enjoy their energy.
Post a screenshot or link to what you saw.

Here’s some dummy on Facebook. And the post has likes, which makes me suspect their creepy religious friends are also stalking our page:



From that person:

“Please pray on July 17 to stop this we do not need any more unleashing demons we are already saturated with dark forces! Show them Jesus Christ is stronger!!! Amen!!!”

Be careful, they will pray for Jesus to stop it.

[quote=“Divinator, post:18, topic:1059”]From that person:

“Please pray on July 17 to stop this we do not need any more unleashing demons we are already saturated with dark forces! Show them Jesus Christ is stronger!!! Amen!!!”

Be careful, they will pray for Jesus to stop it.[/quote]

Shit Just Got Real.

I feel like We’ve officially become a movement when there are groups of people who are literally praying for us to stop doing magick.

According to her religion, this is all part of the divine plan crafted by God, so she should shut her face and quit her bitching. I’m not a Christian, but when I was, I think I would have equated such an event as the first milestone to the apocalypse, and certainly something that needed more than a few hail mary’s to fix.