Uncalled Visitor

My wife and I have had an entity ‘randomly’ visiting us during the night, waking us from our sleep over the past eight months or so. It has a dark and ancient presence, but nevertheless seems benevolent toward us, and its presence seems to indicate it is watching over us and is somehow involved in our lives. Since this started, our lives have become more interesting and fulfilling. For one thing (among many), I’ve been drawn again toward practicing magick which is something I have not done in many years, yet continually felt it was my destiny, purpose, or optimal path in life.

Thing is, we have not invited this entity. Neither of us have evoked it, consciously at least. That being said, we have not banished nor exorcised since it has not crossed any lines with us. I don’t want to make any unnecessary enemies. The only ‘negative’ side effect has been my wife waking up in panic attacks… This is how we’re made aware of its presence. She has since realised, in her words, that the panic attacks were caused by her not ‘letting go’ when the entity arrives. Now she simply breathes through it, and controls her fear.

It does communicate with us, and I’m able to see in the astral at the moment it wakes us from our slumber, though I feel its best that I not mention the exact form it takes.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of interaction with an uncalled entity? Any suggestions or questions?

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Interesting. it sounds like you are very curious to know more about it which makes me wonder why you are not considering evoking it into manifestation particularly if you can see into the astral? Or communicate with it in some other way that you are more comfortable with. If your magical practice isnt there yet you could see someone about it who is able to contact, or even speak to E.A in a consultation who would doubtless help out.

I am intrigued now how you saw it in the astral, I guess that is a big clue as to its form and function…

I had an uncalled entity in my house a couple of years ago. It went into my sons room spoke his name waking him and scaring the shit out of him and even I could sense it strongly in the room and im am not psychic when i went in there. It then walked up stairs making them creak just like a person on them does and my hairs stood up when i went out to confront it. I banished it and told it it was not welcome and it dissapeared. I have to say entities who come in the middle of the night and stand over your bed do not inspire confidence in me any more that a person coming into your house and standing over your bed would make you think yea lets hang out some…