Unable to see or hear spirits. But Evocation works


I’ve really been practicing for a long time. I have hundreds of experiments under my belt. But no matter what I do, I’m really not able to see or hear spirits. I’m not convinced by any imaginary conversations that I’m having, since they can’t tell me anything with external validity. I DO however, feel their presence. Sometimes it is quite strong. And the spirits often times do what I ask. I have of course asked spirits to help me see or hear them. But those types of requests never work.

Where do I go from here?


I’m interested in hearing from people who were in my position, and how they evolved. I hear a lot from people who have always been able to do this, which is not entirely helpful.


I’m interested in this also. I’m struggling with this too.


I’ve tried pretty much every piece of advice I’ve read and heard. I’ve even asked certain entities to help with this, without success. I meditate often and have for years now. I need help with this topic.


When I was a preteen, one time I had candle’s flame flickering; another one the shadows in the room (dark, save for lit candle) rotated around the walls.
Recently I give a few tries to “structuring” while burning frankincense on a charcoal, that is one of the options in order to see the spirits.


For me, it didn’t happen until I stopped trying so hard, and by trying, I mean over ten years of practice with little to no result.

I have a shield around me that was put up by the Greater Me, and it effectively cuts me off from a lot of spiritual access.

At first, once I learned about the shield, I was running around, trying to bring it down, until a friend channeled Belial on my behalf, and he said that the shield was protecting me from some very nasty stuff that would be far worse for me than the insensitivity caused by the shield.

Belial also said something that has stayed with me ever since. He said, “Spirit cannot be rushed, and things will open in their own time.”

In other words, you cannot force it to happen. You do the meditations and the rituals, and your Greater Self judges when you are ready for more.

Once I realized that and let go of my need to have experiences like those described on this forum, things started to happen for me rather quickly. My clairaudience kicked in and suddenly I was hearing voices from around me. My clairvoyance is coming much slower, but it is in progress.

Always remember, you do not need to see or hear spirits to be successful with magick.


Back in the earlier 1990s I saw a spirit manifest with incense smoke and it was really clear, but headless. At about the same time I saw a grim reaper figure, blacker than the night. Saw the grim reaper three times at the one time walk passed my bedroom, stop, ‘look’ at me and proceed to the front door. Maybe I should have got up and followed but for inexplicable reasons I went back to sleep - how fucked is that? After that, zilch. I see and hear nothing - but I can feel 'em! The hair on my arms stands up and I start to perspire, sometimes I get really wet and always I wash at least my face and hands with water.

Don’t get stung out on not being able to see spirits. Everyone has their own abilities and this isn’t one of mine. Concentrate on what you’re good at.



I am in same position like u, can’t see or hear anything. Almost every evocation I did was successful and brought some kind of result. You can try using pendulum or downsing rods or ouija board or scrying. You might find that one method is working for you better then others. If so stick to this method and try progress from here.


I hace been in the same situation but as @DarkestKnight and i have had drilled into my head non-stop from King Paimon “let go” it took me awhile to understand you need to relax take a break every now and then and let go stop careing so much it’ll happen

Since I have stopped careing wether or not something worked I have had more successes and more parts of words coming into my head. Im a security guard and something keeps telling me when someone is where they shouldnt be wether my intuition or a Spirit its helping


the only way i know to force it is to go into a very very deep meditative state. Do this over and over again and your brain starts to learn to shift in and out of this state, allowing the astral senses to be generalized to the present self.

Think of it like water, notice when it rolls over dry surfaces it is slow, there is resistance. But if water travels where water has already been, it is fast and smooth traveling, no resistance.

Once the channel is open and used, it maintains and is easier to use the next time.

This is an observation based on experience. I have heard them in deep meditation, its a soft mans voice, nothing like i had imagined. Aside from astral projecting, i tend not to hear understandable voices unless i meditate


Hearing your spirits takes practice, opening your throat chakra is one way to hear them. When Spirit really wants you to hear them you will when least expecting it. In the last few months i have been watching a lady on YouTube by the name of “B.Divine” of Divine Miracles, she shows excercises to manipulate certain areas of the chakras so to hear and see your spirit guides but i’m sure it will work with all spirits. I have been doing some of the excercises, but at first i was getting thoughts especially when i am busy, then i tried to notice if that thought was my own voice or another voice such as male or female, then i’d say to myself, in my mind, “Thank you for the message please tell me your name” and as i asked that in my mind i would continue doing what i’m doing and at same time expecting a name to pop in my mind, at times a name would pop into my mind, I would say thank you. This excercise taught me to decipher my thoughts from spirit messages. A few weeks ago i woke up in the middle of the night and heard the name Bune clearly in my mind in a soft and clear lady’s voice. A few days previous i was contemplating on doing a spell for money but was unsure and confused which spirit to make the spell with, i had been reading posts for a while then i gave up and asked out loud Spirits help me choose thank you, that’s when i heard Bune a few days later. Try the excercises it definitely helped me. I can’t seem to add the link but you can look up on YouTube, Divine Miracles How to hear your Angels clearly by B.Divine


very interesting friend! Your words have validity! because I also can not hear spirits very well, I can not see spirits, and yet I feel a strong presence when they come!
I think the secret may lie in developing siddhis through yoga, as Crowley suggested in his books. I’m not sure.


Listen to pure theta waves and stare at sigil forever


It’d be nice to know what they see in me and say about it like what happened to you and the friend who contacted Belial for you.


Often, there’s not much more going than there. Seeing and hearing demons, that’d be in a physical sensory and audible sense is rarer and would need a strong attachment and psychic antenna tuned into the demon’s presence.

However, voices inside the head, that can also feel like it’s said around you physically, is quite common. What we all usually gather is a mental image in the mind. Don’t take it further from there, they’ll reveal themselves only when they are ready to. You aren’t ready.


At one point I was very close to having full visualization back when I was invoking a lot more often. Since then I’ve had so many personal things going on that I haven’t had as much time… sort of feel like I have to start from scratch and research myself. But what I was doing was practicing entering the gnosis state. Now to do this I just focused on a point on my wall. I then sat lotus pose and stared at it and just focused on letting go. When you enter it it’s hard not to know. The room starts to look like it’s filled with smoke and sometimes strange shapes and colours appear.


Also like white howlite said… they will show themselves when they’re ready. King Paimon hasn’t ever showed his self to me but has given me strange images to test if I can handle visuals before.one time a strange portal appeared. Then a portal with cobras. Still no King Paimon. I think he believes it might be overwhelming for me. I don’t question that… he may be right at this point.


hello everyone,not sure if this technique was previously used by others or not,but i heard there are some spirits who can remove blockages, help you develop your astral senses and hearing abilities. why not evoke a spirit and ask him/her to help you or force you to see or hear spirits clearly? maybe they can help you with their powers. i might try it…