Ulindor's Forum Introduction

Hello BALG, my name is Ulindor. I’m a magician in Northern California. I’m 32 yrs old. I found EA Koetting and BALG via youtube. After watching a few videos, I began to realize just how much I connected with the topics, ideas, perspectives, and teachings offered by EA Koetting. I’ve begun reading the Cult Classics Series, and am excited to dive into it further.

About me; I’ve spent most of my adult life practicing Wicca, but after coming across teachers like Orlee Stewart, and EA Koetting, I realize it’s time to evolve. Looking forward to joining in discussions and communing with you all. Thanks for reading. Hail the Gate Keepers.



What magick do you currently practice?

What areas of magick beyond Wicca are you particularly interested in?

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I do spell work, scrying, and tarot mostly. I am very interested in evocation and possession, specifically with Azazel.