Types of Magickal practitioners

Intention based magick - accomplishing goals

For many magickal practitioners, acheiving material goals is what their magickal system is about. However, one might ask, what is magickal about that? The idea is that using your will to manifest your desires is magickal in it’s most practical form.

Inner Alchemy - inner personal development

Some magickal practitioners seek to cultivate certain qualities of their inner self, whether emotional or paradigmic. Whilst some seek mastery over the physical outer world, some seek to gain control of their inner personal world. Thus, they master the alchemical forces which are tethered to our emotions and beliefs.

Karma police - pimpin dat hoe karma

Whilst most magickal practitioners are focused on their own path, some make it their work to relgate the karma of others and karma itself. So by their judgement protocols based on their personal fundamentalist morality they inflict curses amd cast their spell upon those they deem justified to do so. For them magick is less about personal achievement and more about believing one’s self to be a regulator of some perceived balance.

Consciousness Modulators - shifting the awareness and alternate senses

A very large pool of magickal practitioners recognizes the mystical variables of our own consciousness. Whether through ceremonies or inducement, the magickian harness the chaos and phenomena of the unknown often returning with farfetched stories of encountering alternate dimensions, expanded sensory perception, and even meetinf demons. I would say this is where the true magick is.

Cultural Remembrance - heritage

Some magickal practitioners have inherited or perhaps have cultivated for themself their own unique culture. These types often collect books and trinkets related to the occult, absorbing great amounts of occult information. While less interested in intense personal advancement and development or wild notions of traveling through mystical dimensions to meet the old gods, these types prefer the simplicity of simply being a fan. Sure they might cast a spell or two or try out some fun ceremony but for them just being apart of the culture is magickal enough.