Type of incense in Evocations

When performing an evocation is it necessary to use a censor or can we use incense sticks or cones? I know some people feel that the raw incense, frankincense or copal resin for instance is more potent, but is it the incense or the smoke itself that does the trick? So far I haven’t found anything in EA’s videos and such that says to NOT use sticks or cones, so is it just a preference or a necessity to use a censor?

Just one-view, depending upon what the incense is being used-for (concretely- not as in- whatever you want it to mean, as some speak/write of it)… if you are using a “smoke-field” as a sort of 3d way to sense- the space, then you want/need to have incense-smoke sort of spread out… .if just burning from a spot, it just trickles up… so it may spread-out, or stay in that one area… (to then have it spread-out, you need burn more… then to get-rid-of-it afterward :slight_smile: … but if in a censor (if you mean the kind you either swing, or just carry about… moving it- spreads it more)…
also the purer, both for the ingredient’s-vib (and breathablility- espec ‘sticks’ are ‘stuck-on’ with some ick… so you are breathing that… sort of like burning a candle- if using a “cheap” chemical-candle, the flame burns sort of black-sooty and you can ‘taste’ the smell, vs if using fancier-tallow, or even Beeswax… - and that is a candle, where not ‘trying’ to have smoke in air… so incense even more so…
so I’d say the one issue- is how much smoke, and where it is being distributed (if you want a thick layer- through the entire room? -a slight amount, spread out in half of the room… or all in one spot…

-or do you not need a lot of smoke (not using to “scry” into the space, able to say into-among the depth, if that makes sense)… just a trickle rises, can change shape, or waft in certain directions (in a draftless room, no windows open, and yet it shifts to gather in another-part of the circle- all the way around perhaps… ) sort of like dropping drops of ink into water… they form shapes, can see (like the ‘egg’ skrying in Div course, if you’ve seen that, else tea-leaves, etc.)… ink drops- down- into water, while incense trickle rises- up- into air… but same… so that is a different use.

three (or four) different “uses” above… then there is the issue of the physical presence of the incense (as raw, ie prior to burning, vs the smoke itself, ie after the ‘raw’ is burnt- changes freq-vib?) - espec if you have a freq-vib in the spark generated, which is put on tinder (which is attuned- thus combines to a third)- that “flame” then added to the ‘raw’ (which has its freq- plus any prior-attunement to use)… thus:
A) the burning itself creates a transformative field-affect (by that chemical-physical action, just as exo- or endo- thermic reactions result in energetic output from chemicals combining (thelema)… by combining the chemical (and chemerical) components… an energetic affect output-can be ridden…
B) The smoke (particles suspended in the air, gaseous fumes and/or oil-collodial essences) has an affect

C) Ongoing-debate (or rather outright statement, that it isn’t known-about, so asserted there is no such thing) is the inherent power in the physical freq-vib, << along with the bridge-conducting conducting aspects of what links from>> …
just as I recently heard a great phrase- in reference to Accupuncture, is not just “Voodoo” (in the sense of needles being poked in where-ever… and the more better)- as in those crazy movies… not only is Voudou not so much like that, but Accupuncture is specific - it was said in the yrs past, Accupuncture clearly can’t work (cuz its nonsense- and unscientific :slight_smile: so it is all in your mind… (placebo, as well as whatever the -ist wants it to do, as long as they believe it, and if they get the ‘patient’ to believe it…)
anyway- the same logic in tools, and substances… <in ref, to ‘tables’ and all else in the books out there, aligned with xyz planets, or vs the “make it mean what you want”… -or a bit of both, just choose some tradition and follow it, “they all work” <?>

(not utilizing that data, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, just that people are not eductated/skilled in that use… and/or not utilizing it… many healing methods don’t use accupuncture needles… even if poking… like a blood-test, or finger-prick… (saying it is a system- to be trained in, doesn’t mean one has to, and saying that one can use a method that doesn’t use that, doesn’t make it invalid…)

-so just as I can “pretend” to call someone (and not ‘actually’ dial) and talk it out… pretend to hear their response and their Questions… and end that ‘phone-call’ with new understandings… -not the same as 'actually dialing, and getting them on the line, and having them agree to talk- and having a live-call… end That ‘phone-call’ with new-Understandings (2)

[as ex of a spirits are made-up, even if they seem they aren’t… associated to tools don’t do anything (they don’t add, if they aren’t used in a way that ‘works’… but they can… and likewise- incense substances (what is mixed into them, as well as the format of them- not just “sandalwood” vs XYZ… but the format, how fresh (or how aged… ) how prepared (al-chem or herbally, vs Energetically… the target of one ritual- results in a substance that is then used in a second ritual as an ingredient, upon a different substance- which is used… in combo to ___

-and Espiritu (real, or imagined? -not just are there actual reactions to the Energetic-space, but prefereces of the Entity? – if that is in your Subcon… even if “just you” -still in your Subcon, or even the collective-con (if there is such a thing… ? hmm) … but to think we can “decide” in conscious mind to change our own Subcon (espec as the programmes that drive our Conscious-decisions, are not only automated-kneejerk, but arise from the structure of the Subcon… -just one perspective…) -so even if in our Subcon, (what exists, persists… or doesn’t) -we need tap in, and find what “works” with it, vs doesn’t… If- it Actually Exists (not only its explicit preferences- but just like people/animals… might not know what irritates/disturbs it until… ) so Communication with… but also knowing… (if ask, what helps communcate and hold-the connection? -it may respond… and yet certain dynamics may shatter any connection (like some device turned-on may disrupt your WiFi and the website you were contacting via your computer/WiFi… may not know about that… some blocks, and some supports/assists that contact

Also- relevance to question (re incense..) and yet go off about 'actual' Spirits, vs imagined (or re-constructed)..  

Incences are often linked into “evocation” and/or ‘divination’ contact-rites (which may use incense smoke)- -or even an “enchantment” (or whatever you want to term- molding and bundling- energy, to send, in your WorkingSpace, to a goal- not via an Entity, if that is what you are doing…) -thus like tools… step-by-steps,

(happened to be opening up this evening, and posted another comment on another forum… then led-to here- so that seemed to support my more wordy-response; its not just a simplified straightfwd… but I don’t think that is (actually) helpful - so what I would have wanted to read myself < and my geas to, if answer/respond, then it has to be ‘compleate- as poss’… along with a pact to respond when I am “nudged” to do so- so the combo :slight_smile:

later thought- as mentioned, re Resin… http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/new-magician-help/how-much-resin/msg62106/#msg62106

! "Who were these?.. with their own smoke-machine…

If you are attempting to use the smoke to create a base for the spirit to manifest physically, use resin. If not, you don’t need to…
I just like resin cuz it’s more likely to organic material than synthetic fragrances.

What sort of resins can be used?

Thanks or the replies, I think I have made my mind up to use resins. Thinking it over there is definitely something about lighting and charcoal and putting some frankincense on it that just feels magical.

I did find something just now that I forgot I even bought. Benzoin resin and Lodestone incense (basically just ground and powdered lodestone). Are these even safe to burn?

Stick with the usual ones, copal, frankincense, sandalwood (although difficult to get in resin form where I am), dragon’s blood, I’d say myrrh but I find a bit stinky.

Resin and granular incense produce the most amount of smoke and the most potent smell. The incense itself is not what draws the spirit to you, it is but a tool that the spirit can manifest in (the smoke) so you may see him or her more clearly. Granted, there is some connection of the type of incense to the spirit you are calling forth. Some are associated with certain scents because the ingredients in those scents can be linked to that spirit in some way based on what type of spirit they are and what matters they specialize in.

I have used sticks and cones for evocation, when burned in multiple quantities such as 4 or more at a time, the smoke will be just as potent and thick as the resin and granular incense. Although I would not recommend cones as they are very small and do not burn long, so unless you want to keep stopping mid ritual to light new cones every 10-20 minutes, I would avoid them. They are okay if doing a quick spell though or if you are taking a quick 10 minute time out to meditate.

Incense is not necessary for evocation though, it is only another tool to aid you in focusing on the spirit. I have found myself without incense on many occasions and decided to use only a black mirror for evocation. I cannot use incense at my current location, as I have stated before a few times, one of the people I am staying with temporarily is allergic to the smoke. He would be back in my room within 5 minutes sneezing, eyes watering saying what the heck are you burning in here it’s choking me. I have also found myself in a dangerous situation that I had no control over, with no tools on hand at all and I had to call forth an entity to my aid with nothing but my mind to serve as a link to him but I was so determined to call him forth, that he still came, he heard my pleas for help.

Also, with certain entities, if you work with them regularly and establish a deep connection with them, you will be able to call them at any time just by focusing on them in your mind, their sigil, their appearance, and asking them to come. This connection is further more strengthed if you make a blood pact with said entity. Like Lucifer, right now I could call him forth to this room if I wanted to using only the power of my thoughts by asking him to come and visualizing his sigil, and he will come very quickly. I seem to be having similar results with Paimon that I have with Lucifer so I imagine that with enough connection, I will soon be able to call him forth in my mind as well. But I have heard in mythological texts that he is very loyal to Lucifer. I have not asked him to validate that yet, but if it were true maybe that’s why their energies seem to manifest in a similar manner and possibly why I am connecting to King Paimon so strongly because he is loyal to Lucifer and so am I. I will ask him to clarify this for me.