Two targets at once?

I’m not exactly trying to curse anyone, but I would think this is considered baneful, so I’m sticking this topic in this board. I have a couple of people I deal with daily and have no way to not do so at this time, who both basically have terrible, destructive attitudes. Their unsolicited “advice” and opinions go on and on. I should learn to accept that I am very limited in how much I’ll do and how far I’ll go. I will be in therapy for life. I can’t face reality. No one in my life likes me and are all users and abusers. Trying for promotions is silly and I’ll never get it anyway. My business I am trying to start will never take off. I’m wasting my time. And that’s just a few from this week. It gets worse yet. Obviously this sort of thing is the very opposite of ascent, and after some thinking and reflection I’ve clearly found a couple of obstacles directly in the way of mine.

Now I don’t want to destroy them or anything. That’s a bit excessive. But I do wish to shut both of them up for a while, stop their nonsense and their need to “help.” For crap sakes their kind of help is the last thing I want or need. I honestly think they mean no real harm, but still their attitudes are in direct opposition to mine and I’ve learned we will never agree, or even agree to disagree. They won’t stop until I admit I’m less then them, and I am learning the opposite, to bow to no one, to be less than no one. To want what I want and be okay with that, to think what I think and think with confidence.

I’m not exactly sure yet what to do with them. I have a few decent ideas but I’m always interested in yours, since I am very much still learning. The main thing I wonder about though is working against two targets at once? I have tried to target two before and my work failed, though of course I’m not sure if that was the reason or not. Should I do one and then repeat it right away for the second. These are a married couple that’s been together several years. I would think that’s important.

It sounds like you need to bind, silence, or otherwise banish these two from your daily experience. To taget 2 at once I would fashion 2 poppets out of white or brown play-dough annointing them with olive oil in the name of the 2 you need dealt with. Since you work closely with them any personal concerns you aquire would greatly magnify the effectiveness of the work. (Saliva from lunch untensils, hair, anything they throw away, change they have carried the list goes on.)

Just going on intuition I would take a white cloth or t-shirt strip and write out my petition that these 2 are to be shut up so that they can no longer speak discouraging words to me, then stuff the ensouled poppets (now to be addressed as the 2 individuals) with the cloth (ideally in a “mouth-hole”). You may annoint the cloth in lemon juice so that their lips “pucker” that they may not open them to you without being “soured” inside.

Dispose of the poppets in a running river that flows away from you or your workplace, at a crossroads (maybe with an offering to a spirit you could enlist there to further charge the work) or in a manner that you are inspired by in the working. The moon is due to start waning very soon and that bodes well for the immediate preformance of this type of work.

This, to me, begs to be banished with laughter, satire, mockery - it’s the kind of hostile drip-drip-drip that’s meant to erode you, it’s ABUSE.

You think they don’t mean harm?

Maybe they don’t have it plotted out exactly, but no-one speaks to another person in such corrosive ways unless they want to diminish that person and thereby feel that they gain something themselves.

People with lives of their own don’t exist to try and destroy other people, or constantly point out their flaws.

So IMO the best way out if other options are closed is to parody what they say to you, to satirise them and make THEM the butt of the joke. Make THEM see how small and bullying they are with their constant sitting in judgement on you.

This is not how normal people behave, and IMO showing them that will break this lock they have on you.

Agreed, in situations like this it would also probably be helpful to sqaure up and tell them to keep their mouths shut if they dont have anything productive to say. Even if you have to let them know in a proffesional tone.

Freezer spell?