Two quick questions on fear stuff

Alright, so I’m asking this because my main goal is to ascend and become a God of Fear, so first question.

  1. Can an entity sustain itself by feeding of the fear of others?
    And the second is
  2. Is there any entity that could teach me how to cause fear in people, I.E Using their fears and such? And possibly how to astral project into peoples dreams and give them nightmares.

And also, is it weird that I want to become a God of Fear?

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I don’t know about weird but it’s rather Machiavellian :smirk:

It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.


It never fails to make your mental conditions and/or psychic stuff that “rational” people mistake for mental conditions evident by your attitudes and speech. However, you need to choose carefully which traits to make evident, as some people may act compassionately towards you or mock you depending on the situation, but even if they mock you, they will do it from afar

  1. There are some entities that do so.

  2. yes there is, but idk if that’ll actually make you a “God” of fear, oneiroi, one sub race of them induces fears and could teach you.

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Try Morpheus, Greek god of dreams.


1: Yes

2: Phobos, the Greek god of fear, from whose name we derive the word phobia.

He is the son of Aphrodite and Ares.