TWO PILLARS technique to remove obstacles

I have read some of the book “MIDDLE PILLAR: BALANCE BETWEEN MAGIC AND MIND”. I read what Israel mentioned about a technique used to remove internal obstacles and create a balance between the subconscious and the conscious mind called two pillars … But the chapter titled: Two pillars did not contain any technique … it is either Is that technique or is The Theoretical speech the same technique and removing obstacles brings about continuous practice of training the middle pillar rite itself?
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If you are talking about the first chapter (Chapter One: The Two Pillars of the Temple), you won’t find a technique there. It is a brief philosophy of the pillars so that the student understands the operations outlined in the book with more context to the systems that they came from. Its through the balance of those forces that one can clear obstacles in their lives (according to the theory), and its through the balance of these forces you obtain the same results as you would if you were into say… Nei Gong or any other sort of internal power development art.

Though the author does not waste time. The actual rituals are in the 3rd and 4th chapters, and further in the book has supplements and variations that can be very handy when devising your own strategies.


How can I used rites to remove obstacles inner

Read the first few chapters. He does a good job of explaining it. Then you can practice the rituals with confidence. Its not going to be like, you can do these once or twice and have resolved your inner conflicts. Its a realization that comes with practice and working with the energies of those rituals, combined and compounded with time and attention and study. Just like any other system. The Middle Pillar (the book) can be transformative, but you should do your part to study it properly. And honestly, its one of the easier ‘dated’ books to digest on the subject.


According to that book, do you have to practice the B.R.L.P. (or similar), for a couple of months before you would commence the practice of the Middle Pillar exercise itself?

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what B.R.L.P

Lol. Sorry that should have been LBRP.

The 2 pilars are a door to the other side and are very important, think about arcane number 2 of the tarot and the 2 pilars. You find that also in masonic temples and rituals

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He gives the technique in a different book called the Tree of Life if I am not mistaken. Make the sign of the enterer and project the blockage outwards and then banish it with the LBRP and the sign of silence.

I cant find it in tree of life book

do you remember technique very well please?

How can I project blockages out and how should I imagine to banish it