Two Paths

I’m not sure how to word what exactly I’m looking for, so I hope I’m not beating a dead horse with this inquiry.

What practices of divination would you use to make a decision between two options? I truly am at a loss for what I can be doing, or if there’s anyway to ask my guides for advice on what to do. I’m still a baby baby tarot card reader so that was what I was considering but I am so open to other methods that could potentially be more concise. Also any advice is appreciated, as I’m sure reading for yourself when you’re not emotionally settled is a terrible idea.

I’m torn between two people: a not particularly serious and new crush on a dude and an ex boyfriend which I’m presently in a friends-with-benefits situation that, up until today, I was happy with letting that become an only friends thing. Nothing in particular has changed between ex and myself, but I got a pretty brutal bout of separation anxiety when we stopped hanging out.

The new crush is hilarious and sociable as far as I’ve seen and there may be be something there worth exploring.

Before I decide anything (keep chipping at a possible reunion with my ex vs starting something new with a new person; a devil you know vs devil you don’t scenario), I am choosing to not get involved at all with new guy outside of casual conversation as we work together.

There IS always the third option of continuing to nope away from relationships at this time too, which is also tempting and probably the most responsible course of action.

Input is appreciated and welcomed and thank you for your time!

As a reader myself I would drop cards on three different outcomes: the outcome with option a, the outcome with option b and the outcome when I’ll decide to stick around with neither of them.
There would be usually a strong tendency to one path in these three readings for me already.

You could also do a divination on what you want from out of a relationship in general (if you aren’t quite sure yourself), it helps to focus on what is important for you and yourself alone. I would focus on that rather, to be honest.
A personal advice: you probably deserve better than choosing between two uncertainties.

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Are there any spreads you like for seeing outcomes of various paths? I’ve found that I really like the basic Celtic cross, myself.

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If you’re already vibing with a spread system you should consult it in any case. I found myself getting the most of basic information for myself out of a normal seven card row (Lenormand), to me it is usually enough to get the most important “red thread” out of the situation. I am sure that a lot of members on here have better and more useful spread systems for your specific questions at hand looks at other members

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You could do a decision spread with tarot


1: Your Motivation
2: Best outcome
3: Your values
4: Option 1 - likely outcome
5: Option 2 - likely outcome

You cold also do relationship spreads to get some deeper insight on these relationship, your and their feelings.

But at the end you should listen to your heart. It’s impossible so say for sure what would happen - we never know. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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