Two old occultish tv shows that i miss

Anyone else? Or am i the only one who had an awesome childhood

Vampire High

The show centered on a group of young vampires subjected to a daring experiment by the “Elders”: taken in by a boarding school that also housed mortal teenagers, with the intent of civilizing the vampires. Many problems faced the students on both the day and night curriculum, including typical teen issues of love, friends and enemies. Professor Murdoch was on hand to help them along with their school work, but he too had problems that could put the lives of the teens in mortal danger.

The Collector

The Collector is a Canadian supernatural drama television series about a man attempting to help save people who have bargained their souls with the Devil. After over 600 years of “collecting” the souls of people at the end of their 10-year deals, Morgan Pym (Chris Kramer) negotiates with the Devil for the ability to aid the damned in redeeming themselves rather than sending them to Hell. Under the Devil’s mocking gaze, Morgan assists his “clients” in undoing the damage their deals have done because of the devil shifting good luck towards the client and away from others.

I may be showing my age but I remember staying up til midnight watching Forever Knight as a teenager, before the days of Buffy.


shit…i think i remember this, but i totally forgot the premise of the show

Vampire turns cop. How the hell he would cope with shift changes I have no idea.
“Knight, you’re on 8am til 4pm next week”
“Sorry Sarge, no can do”
Like wtf?

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I do loooves plenty of old series, some of then are even older then me, lol!
For vamps, this one was fun, easy to watch, no huge drama, just a nice stuff to chill in the night!


ahh yes, i watched that too! i even have the shows theme song saved in my youtube music list

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Haha Verdo, yes, sadly most of those small older series dosen’t have a end too!

I like the first Doctor Who too, hehe!
and the third, great!
You waked the geeky on me, lol!^^

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yup, it was a damn shame. I did like dr who too…the version that had the cute red head gal of coarse :slight_smile: ever watch cybersix?

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No, and i never heard of this one, looks nice!^^
This old series topic remembers me that ,Isao Takahata is physically gone from our world yesterday, RIP!

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yeah, this is one of my fave too, lots of fun, lol!^^

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things were so much simpler then. i don’t know why, but a lot of tv shows today just dont have the same charm like the oldies

I used to watch that show. It was explained in the story that he had an allergy to sunlight ( which is a true rare skin condition that effects a very small segment of the population. I remember watching a 20/20 episode about twin girls who had the condition and their parents had to live in very dim light because anything bright would burn the kids) and that’s why he could only work at night. They had to accommodate his disability :rofl:

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The books were far better :slight_smile:

I used to have the Blood Ties DVDs…

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Lol it’s that long ago I honestly don’t remember that or I might have missed it seeing as they didn’t play all the episodes and I had to listen to it through a single earbud headphone about 3 feet from the screen

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