Two names appearing in my sleep, and what it means?

So recently I had a dream, don’t really remember what it was about. However I do remember seeing Azazels name on a piece of paper, so fast forward a day or two later I decide to invoke Azazel and ask him about it. Now I can’t really communicate still so I don’t know what he said, but I did ask him to communicate in my sleep. That same night before I woke up I remember the name Shemyaza repeating in my head, the weird part is that I wasn’t dreaming. So what can this mean? What’s your guys opinion?


There trying to get your attention.
Speak with them and work with them.

Work on yourself to better communicate with them.
If you visualized Shemyaza and Azazel and asked them questions. What would they say to you?
Use your imagination to start with.

You may get words or a nod of the head for yes and no questions.
Asking questions like “Lead me to where I need to be and what I need to know” usualy ends up creating syncronicities throughout the day or weeks.

If your sensitive to feelings. You will recognise those moments when your body vibrates at the exact moment when seeing what you need to see or know.

If your comfortable with invocation you can invoke them and ask to them to attune and empower you to be able to communicate better.


How would I go about contacting Shemyaza? I haven’t seen a sigil for him or his enn, would repeating his name work?

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You can use the master key sigil from J.S. Garret.
@Hermes shared this picture with the forum so we can thank him for this picture. Thank you

I like to visualise the sigil in my mind and step through it. As if walking through a portal.
You can do it this way or any other way.

Do it any way feel comfortable with.

I haven’t used or seen an enn either. I just ask what I need to. Search function might show something.


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thx mate hehe :slight_smile:

And how --absolutely genius-- to just ask to it what you want, right then and there… ^^
That makes things so much easier… ^
^ . Lol I hadn’t made the link with this one yet, as they are so many beings related to it - but it can be so easy indeed. I tried it the minute I read your post

Thanks for the insight! :slight_smile:


Your welcome.
Thanks for the share and making it easier to find in the search function. :smile: