Two different spells on two different people

I have a question, and I’m really hoping someone can help me.
I fnd myself in a bit of a situation.
I find myself loving two different people. Can you put a love spell on two different people?
I was going to do two different types of love spells, one on each, during the next new/waxing moon phase.
Is that possible, or is there any rules that would not make that possible?
Anytime I have ever tried a love spell, it was only on one person, at a time.
So to clarify my question:
Can I perform a love spell on person A, and then perform a different spell on person B the next day, or would one interfere with the other?
Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Yes, you can: you can love as many as you like as long as you are okay with it. Certainly can cast on both and it will clash only if the outcome definitions clash or if you have significant inner conflict.

The only rules are the ones you accept as rules: which system are you following? Stereotypical correspondences would be on a Friday at the hour of Venus and usually when the moon is new or waxing, but all of this depends on your perspective. Love in all it’s forms is in universal operation non-stop.

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I’m not sure what outcome definitions clashing means, my apologies.
But I understand what you’re saying.
I was going to do a spell on person A the night of the new moon, which is a Saturday, and then the spell on person B, the following Friday.
As far as my feelings, I feel that I love person A more, but I do care about person B alot, and feel the they might be a slightly better fit for me, even though I may have a deeper love for person A.
(If I’m being completely honest)

It mostly has to do with how you define the outcomes of the two spells in internally and whether you feel comfortable holding these simultaneously. Why not club both into one spell, i.e. “X is in a romantic relationship with A and B”?

Don’t worry about “fit”: just define your end outcome in relatively positive terms and leave it at that. If you start getting the rational mind involved in anything but the most immediate/urgent situations ( :slight_smile: and even then I’m not too sure :slight_smile: ) you’ll more than likely tie yourself in knots. The rational/logical mind, even at its collective best, is terribly limited.


Understood. Thank you for your response and information. This is something that’s been kinda weighing on me the last few weeks, so I greatly appreciate your information.
I could possibly do one spell for both, or do the same spell on both separately.
My only concern, is I know how I feel about them, I just don’t know how they feel about me.
I get mixed signals from both.
But I’ll figure that out. As long as it’s not something spiritually against any “rules” to do a spell on two people, in a short time.
Again, thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, do not worry about their feelings or “rules” (there are no rules except infinite existence). Just set your outcome positively–the outcome definition/visualisation should feel calming or soothing or pleasing but it doesn’t have to be “Wow!”-- and do the spell until you feel satisfied or the relief of “burning off” the stress of unfulfilled desire. If you like numeric symbolism, do the spell once, thrice, 7, 8 or 10 times.
Then burn and destroy all ritual artifacts and detach/let go, i.e. get your mind on to other things.

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I will.
Great information. Again, Thank you so much.

One thing to note: all possibilities are 100% fully self-sustaining realities right here and now. However, the desired reality–and it can take on a plethora of forms in terms of path to outcome–is invisible simply because you are attached to this one. The catch is that so are other realities, i.e. realities where you are with other people or single or whatever, where you don’t exist as the same person etc.

Please also remember that your visualisation is only symbolic of the outcome, i.e. if you visualise A and B fucking or marrying you just realise that the actual manifestation may vary considerably even when it involves the same people. The visualisation, if you do any, is only for symbolic purposes to help feel the fulfilment of the desire.

The right approach is to recognise that the so-called “failure” scenarios are as real right here and now as the so-called “success” scenarios, accept that and gently focus on the so-called “success” scenario It is all real and real bullshit because this is just an illusion, a dream and, as Rudyard Kipling suggested: success and failure are imposters and should be treated in roughly the same way barring a momentary reaction perhaps.

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Wow, that’s deep.
Nobody ever explained it to me like that before, but that’s a really good piece of advice.
It basically supports that what is, is what is.
And that the success, in my mind, is just as real/possible as what I see could be failure.
But no matter the how, or why, what is to be is actually what is, and any other visualization is just an illusion of thoughts and hopes.
Meanwhile, however the path to this success or failure may be taken, is something we have to trust in, without dwelling over. Even if it’s a path we, in the moment, may not see unfolding.

What is, is…and it is infinite reality simultaneously existing here and now. It is just pure consciousness, i.e your True Self.
Yes exactly, even if A and/or B say “No” that still means that A and/or B saying “Yes” is guaranteed even if you are distracted by them saying “No” or anything else for that matter. It’s called the illusion of paradox but it is a real truth of existence.
Not only is the visualisation an illusion but the very manifestation is an illusion.

Just chill out. Make your personal peace, well-being and self-knowledge the main focus.

That’s really cool. Again, thank you so much.
Is there anywhere I can go to learn more about the illusion of paradox?
This is all still sorta new to me, and I just soak up anything and everything I can learn from.

Just meditate and let it reveal itself to you if relevant. The paradox is pretty obvious, i.e. you hold everything in your consciousness and yet you try to pick one aspect as over another or the rest thinking it is actually better. For instance, I used to be a hardcore meat-eater but now I don’t enjoy meat and am almost entirely vegetarian: how did this change happen? If meat was actually better there is no way I could enjoy being vegetarian ( :slight_smile: I mean I really hated veggies unless well fried with spices but now I like them boiled with some salt ‘n’ pepper :slight_smile: ). I have also realised that I can swap attraction, i.e. I see a girl and am instantly attracted and I can set an intent to experience the opposite and I do feel immediate repulsion the next time I see her. :slight_smile:
Our likes and dislikes are also illusions because they are just aspects of our own consciousness that we are exploring in relation to a certain perspective within our consciousness.

If you want to read stuff,

  1. Secret Trilogy of Rhonda Byrne. It is simple and childlike but the principle of the Law of Attraction is exact. I just don’t recommend some techniques she suggests. As simple as it seems it is powerfully true.

  2. Read all of Neville Goddard’s work: and the Kybalion.

  3. You can also watch a ton of Abraham-Hick’s videos but focus only on the repeating principles but not the specific answers, because sometimes she can’t channel too well if she gets carried away by her own or the other person’s vibes.

Finally, consider some general ritual work without specific goals other than allowing the spiritual principle of the ritual or entity reveal itself to you

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Instead of two different love spells on two people, I heard that isn’t a good idea anyways. Why not just pick your favorite one and mix your love spells with healing soul work and money spells? Experiment with your craft.

I did myself. In case everything went to shit at least I could walk away with extreme positive energy for everyone involved. Plus, no one wants to be poor and in love.

Very cool. Thank you so much.

I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand?
How do you mix one type of spell with another?

So just wanted to update my situation on this topic.
I decided that target A, was the person I wanted to be with. I lover her, I want her back in my life.
She’s currently, (or last I heard) was in a new relationship. I decided to do a spell on her to bend her will. To break up with whoever she was with, and come back to me.
In the meantime, I also did an attraction spell on Target B. I decided to basically use her as a distraction, so I wouldn’t think about, or doubt the magick on target A. Stay out of my own way and let it manifest.
Things are complicated with myself and Target A, so I set a reminder to recast the spell in 3 months, should nothing happen.
My spell on Target A will be finished on the full moon, as it is a moon spell.
However, the energy between myself and Target B is different. She’s more open to me, sorta touchy/feely with me more, and laughs at my stupid jokes more…The only problem is the damn spell is also having an affect on me too, so I have to remember not to go completely head over heels for her, as I do still love target A, and Target B is only for distraction purposes.

I’m sure not everyone will agree with my Outlook or approach on how I’m handling the situation. And that’s fine. I understand not everyone will have the same views as me.
But I’m comfortable with what I’m doing. And would honestly try to be a really great guy to Target B, until A returns to me.
Will update as things unfold.
And as always, any input is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

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As it will… expect this

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Probably a strange, stupid question.
However, I don’t believe in coincidences, and it’s happened twice.
Has anyone ever performed a love spell, say on an ex for example. Knowing full well that you loved them, and wanted only them.
And then after you completed the spell, say within the next 24-48 hours of completing, someone completely different, who you haven’t thought of or spoken to in who knows how long, suddenly contacts you?
Has anyone had a similar experience, or anything like that?.. Possibly shed some light on this, as I’m still new and learning.