Two (2) Haunted House three card pulls (2/2)

Hey everyone I a currently on the road (had to escape to Jacksonville) so bare with me I am only opening this up to the first two people comment. If I can do more I will edit this post to how many more pulls I can do while moving about.


No DMs these will be ignored

First come first serve

I may or may not open this up to more after I do the first two pulls.

Happy Spooky Season :two_hearts:


Iā€™m in, thanks!

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Iā€™d like one, please

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Iā€™d like one too please :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have a question you want to ask?


Do you want to ask a question or just have a general reading?

Iā€™d like a relationship troubleshooting/state/future one, if possible.

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Could I have one too?
I am trying to find a job on my field and I would like to know how it will go?

Direction of magic to walk

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XI Justice- the head maid

She pays close attention to them mates and her charge. She rules the pantry and her staff with an iron fist. Work, law, logic, balance, intellect, decisions, court proceedings, and rules.

IV Emperor- the man of the house

He rules his perceived domain. Control, stability, rules, stress, masculinity, domain, limits.

Ace of cups- The opening

Water spills like emotions, moving, transforming, and fulfilling us with feelings. Keep the channel open to keep waters pure. Our hands cut the world in ourselves. We always have what we need. Motional flow, love, abundance, outpouring, clear.


Three of pentacles- the salvation

Open and let others in to create the stability you crave. Not everything can be done alone. Say yes. Creativity. Collaboration, projects, building, combination.

five of swords- the cruelty

The head mean wheels her weapons freely and with pressure causing pain and agony as delicate balance is disrupted. Revenge, defeat, trauma, uncertainty, sorrow

4 of swords- the creature under the bed.

Sleep brings peace shit what real and imagine monsters lurk around the corner under the bed and inside the closet? Reflection, peace, withdrawal, solitude, repose, retreat.


Thank you! Will ponder these and say Yes.

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Thank you!


You are not so very welcome!

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@Muggie and @johnbad I will be opening this up to post your readings later tonight. You will be replied to/ tagged when I do it :slight_smile: