Twin Flame possibly contacting me?

A recent update on me.
I’ve been seeing 11:11 constantly and it’s driving me mad. And I realised my twin flame was sending me synchronicity numbers and trying to connect with me. But I don’t think we have a strong connection yet. Recently, he telepathically contacted me while I was sleep which obviously pissed me off. We talked a little even the connection was weak. I told him I was in a relationship but I’m not sure he got that.
I also found out more information about him by using my pendulum. He lives in New York, USA while I’m from South Yorkshire, UK. I’m unsure about being with him because I have a Incubus, who’s my soulmate. And obviously my Incubus isn’t happy with it because he’s monogamous and no I’m not the cheating type. Any advice would be great thanks. :slight_smile: