-TW- Abusive and controlling parents HELP

Hello everyone.

I took a break from magic a while ago. I went off on my own for a while trying to see if I can make things better in my life myself but I keep coming back to magic. Its like it’s wanting me to do it. I can’t stop thinking about it.

I know this looks like an email but I need help. I have been dealing with extremely controlling and emotionally and physically abusive parents for my entire life. I’m 21. I wanted to move out because I didn’t want to deal with them anymore a few months ago but my dramatic ass father almost killed himself in the process of convincing me to stay. He had bdp and living with them has been a living hell. My mother absolutely disguises me and is jealous of everything I do. Friends I make, how often I go out, how much money I make etc. I am exhausted.

I’m not allowed to be “late”. I’m not allowed to date. I have to marry someone they choose. I can’t even tell them I’m dating a white boy because they will literally kill me or even worsen the emotional and physical abuse. I am literally an adult and I deserve to make my own choices in life. This is unacceptable.
I feel like giving up. I’m so tired. I know this community I was once a part of can help me. So all I ask for you is to give me tips and spells and demons and how to work with them anything that’ll make them go away. Or any idea’s what I should do and how I should do it would also be greatly appreciated.


That is hurrible maybe they love you in a possesive way which is wrong. Every little baby bird must be able to leave the nest. If you are still studying wait till you finish your bachelor if not being independent will force you accept lots of shitty jobs. Try a family advisor service, social worker for adults, councelling to get your parents on the right track

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https://www.satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Fighting_Back.html . This technique might help . https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Energy_Ripping.html

Hello, my parents are crazy too. I just moved out of my mother’s house this year. It’s been hard, but the freedom is worth it.

I think you need to get out of there as soon as possible. Take the power into your own hands and get together all your resources and leave instead of waiting for some supernatural force to deal with your parents for you. Don’t think about what happens next; just take the leap.

You do not deserve what they are putting you through.


She says her mom is jealous of the amount of money she makes. So I think she can be independent, but isn’t because her dad would commit suicide if she leaves

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I would try to get out of there ASAP. That’s just my opinion though.

That sounds like an incredibly toxic environment. Your father harmed himself trying to get you to stay? That is manipulative and horrible.

I’ve never dealt with a situation like this, but personally I’d start by doing some healing work on your father. You could also try asking for obstacles to be cleared, with the stipulation that no harm comes to your parents. Work with Bime to help you and your boyfriend earn enough money to get you out of that situation.


I’m not financially stable enough to move out on my own yet since my dad takes a large portion of my paycheck for “raising me”. But you are right I need to get out of here as soon as possible. I was just wondering if anyone else dealt with this situation and was able to control their parents.

It’s not that I make a lot of money, she doesn’t work herself

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I don’t care if he heals. How would I work with Bime?


When I was 16 or 17 I was having similar issues with my parents and Belial silenced them both and since then we never had any issues but frankly if I could talk to my younger self I would recommend him to simply move out without giving a damn


First off, I’m sorry for your pain. Abusive parents are hella hard to get away from and even harder to heal from. I would do/ask for a reading on your specific situation to figure out what you should do and the spirits you should work with.



Just curious. What does the TW in your thread title mean?

Can you elaborate how you worked with him?

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It mean Trigger Warning. I didn’t want to abuse anyone’s triggers so I put a warning

That, combined with the fear of violence, indicates you need to get out of that environment ASAP. Is there a local women & children’s shelter you can go to? Get out of that environment, get his hands out of your pocketbook, and find yourself a new place to live where they can’t find you. I’m also strongly suggesting you seek legal help here as well. As for spiritual help, try Lilith, she knows a thing or million about getting out of a controlling relationship and claiming independence.


First things first:

Set up a bank account (at a bank your parents don’t use) that is in YOUR NAME ONLY.

Find a place where you can stay temporarily - a shelter, or with a trusted friend (perhaps with the person you’re dating - does he know?) Ask if you can use their address for your new bank account until you can afford your own place (bank accounts need to be tied to physical addresses).

Set up direct deposit (if your employer does that - most do). Your dad will not be able to touch your paycheck if it’s going straight to a bank account he can’t touch. (Plan your exit for on or before a payday.)

Find a social worker in your area and talk to them, if you can. Also, document the abuse as much as you can and go to the police as soon as you possibly can to increase your chances of getting a restraining order. If they physically abuse you in the interim, call the cops immediately so they can document any injuries (and, hopefully, arrest your evil parents).

You could also do what my great-grandmother did: just run like hell (if you can wait for your next paycheck, go straight to the bank and cash it, then just flee). Don’t use a vehicle registered to either of them so they can’t report it stolen (not sure what your transportation situation is). Great-Grandma hopped a train. (If you own your own car, sell it and buy a different one with the proceeds after you’re safe, if you can afford it.)

If they call you, do not answer. Let everything go to voicemail. Threatening messages can be useful when getting a restraining order. Don’t answer calls from blocked numbers, either. If your parents report you “missing” and the police call you, tell them you are not missing, you left because they were abusing you.

Once you’re out, I strongly recommend “How to be Invisible” by J.J. Luna and “How to Disappear” by Frank Ahearn. Those books will help you keep your new location a secret. (And if your parents are on social media, block them after you’re out.)

For now, call Lilith - and good luck.


Oh, I have a similar situation. Except, now it is much better than it used to be when I was 20.

So the first thing you should understand is that they will not change. Abusive and manipulative parents will do anything to keep leeching off of you and the best thing you can do is to stand up for yourself. Do not allow yourself to pity them or think that they will treat you better at some point.

Fully reclaim your income, as it was already written. Prepare to see some performance but stand your ground.

As for the threats. My mother also used to threaten to end her life. Once I told her to proceed. And you know what happened? Nothing, lol. She went for a walk, returned in an hour or so, and (surprise, surprise) apparently came up with a new technique to force me to accept her conditions. What I’m trying to say is that chances are your dad won’t do anything to himself. But if you are worried, look up some emergency services. I’m not sure how it is in your country, but in my, it is possible to call a psychiatric emergency if someone threatens to commit suicide. In other words, such people usually shut up and cower when you take some legally proper action. Although I actually knew a person who cut his arm a few times for real. He was sent to the hospital on time. And after that never repeated the stunt because he got scared himself.

Do you have some friends who can help you in a worst-case scenario? If not, I wouldn’t recommend rushing and leaving your place for now. Your parents still can find a way to get you even if you are in another country, trust me.

You do need to get out of there, that’s for sure.
A few weeks ago I asked Lucifer for advice. And he delivered a wonder the next day. I don’t want to elaborate further as the process itself isn’t finished and will take some time, but now I have a very good way of getting rid of my mother once and for all without having to curse her.

And think about protecting yourself. That kind of communication takes a lot of your energy. There is a wonderful tutorial on creating a servitor. A servitor will not save you from your parents but he can prevent your energy from being sucked in my experience.

Be brave.

And one more thing I should’ve mentioned. NEVER tell them you are going to take action against them because it may provoke them to become aggressive.


I simply called him and asked to make my parents stop bothering me

Any updates?