Tutorial: SPIRIT COMMUNICATION 101: How to send information using your clairvoyance with spirits ( and people )

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So a couple things, i’m not going to be teaching you clairvoyance in terms of how to receive information. I’m going to teach you how to send information to people and to spirits in a more efficient manner.

I’m gonna try to teach you how to properly communicate in our magical world.

Okay for this practice you would want a spirit that you’re fairly familiar with or that you already have a fairly decent communication channel with .

Once you have that spirit in mind, evoke them, it doesn’t have to be a full on physical evocation, telepathy is fine :slight_smile:

Once you’re aware of the spirit’s presence. I want you to stop thinking.

Yeah you heard me, stop thinking. In words.

The key is that you want to think using visual images… first. Try to organize your thoughts into a series of pictures. Think to yourself if my thoughts and feelings were a movie, how would they play out.

This really helps with your visualization too.

Usually at this point the spirit can pick up on your general thought patterns already but we want you to actively share it with them.

Now I want you to concentrate, and through whatever means you want, see yourself pushing your thoughts to the fore front of the spirits mind. ( you can try to visualize it travelling through a tube connecting both your Ajna chakras )

When you’re comfortable enough you’ll find that you’re pushing your thoughts instinctively and you bypass the whole mechanism process but for now it might be best to use the method above and visualize the thoughts via images and sounds traveling through that tube.

Try to imagine that scene that portrays your thoughts play out in that person/spirits mind. Use vivid details, make them feel, touch, taste, smell whatever sensations as intensely as you wish.

This is also a similar technique through wish you can transfer knowledge from your clair senses ( including clairsentience, so yes you can transfer that sick feeling of wrongness that alerts you that something is not right to someone else ) to another who’s receptive.

See it all play out like a movie in their head.

The more you can visualize and picture it the better.

Note: this can be modified to fit people. It makes it easier because no evocation is involved. Just a willing partner and time on both ends.

This method can be modified for curses, to inflict mental torture on someone also for manipulation as well.

I wanted to keep this simple but if you need more clarification I can always explain a bit more.

Edit: This is the basis for the technique of mesmerism, something that magicians have been using for ages.

Combining this method with direct eye contact and a physical touch weakens a person psyche and allows you to dominate their mind even more.

This is also where the witches handshake ( an awesome technique btw ) originated from.


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I added some additional info if you guys wanna check it out :slight_smile:

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I just came back to say I use this technique so much now it’s crazy!


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I’ve done something similar to this. Although I don’t imagine the tube/thing connecting the Anja chakras. I more so just project my thoughts (images/feelings or my internal voice) to said spirit. Hopefully that would be just as effectient, rather then having to imagine something connecting. It comes more naturally.

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aw hey! Thank you; glad I could help!

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