TUTORIAL: Extremely strong love spell

Can you send me the proper format and grammar of it please?

Hey there can you send me how you performed this spell?

Exactly how it was above

O ok it seemed like he didn’t have the grammar right, he used xy for both names, so it’s the targets name, burns after my name then?

Results? Did it work? You decide.
So I am back after just over a month. Let me tell you guys what happened after I did this spell.
We were both invited to a company dinner that very night and I expected to see him and nothing else. But the first half of the night was a different fairytale altogether. We spent the whole evening together to a point where we were borderline feeding each other and eating from the same plate at a point away from prying eyes. It was everything I had dreamt of. And then he left. My city forever. In the next 24 hours actually. I knew he would hence the spell to at least be connected.
Now let me tell you what happened after he left. I left the restaurant and had a full on mental breakdown on the streets which has never happened to me in my life. I blacked out, don’t remember anything at all. My SP and I have been no contact ever since. He has not sent me a message or seen anything that I have sent him.
Now did the spell work? Maybe. I don’t know. In my heart it feels like it did. It gave me what I could get in this relationship.
The only thing I did “wrong” was use a dark pink candle instead of a proper red.
Full disclosure as I mentioned in another post that I got scared and did a few spells in under a month because I was scared of losing him and i got more obsessed as a result. After that I have completely backed off from everything.
So I am here providing my experience and also seeking advice on what the hell happened.


Any updates?


I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Do you think if you redo the spell differently you could reconcile? Also, do you know where this spell comes from or what energy/spirit is being used? What makes it work so well? I want to use this on a very stubborn target who has been resistant to spell work.