Turn a youtube video into a sigil?

Is it possible to turn a youtube video into a sigil?
For example, if you have subliminal astral projection audio/video, can you take all that into one sigil and gain all the affects of it?

or can you turn a youtube video of enn chanting into a sigil and get the extreme manifestation of the spirits in the spirits?

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Satan and sons have the enns and the sigils already flashing on the screen

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I always use the videos of Satans and sons. I believe they’re working for me.

As using a video as a sigil, there is the concept of hypersigil. A work of art (any art) charged with intent. The most famous example would be The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison. It made him rich, it got him laid and it was a MASSIVE influence on the people who made The Matrix.

interesting :slight_smile:

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What I meant by sigl was as a gateway. All the energy that comes from the video, will connect to you through a sigil.

Here is what I meant.
For example, the video you posted about satan and sons. If you make a sigil of the energy of the whole video, and you connect your energy with it, it would give the manifestation of Belial as though you listened to this the whole time. Instead you just made it into a sigil and got the results from it anyway.

Well, theoretically if the Sigil can connected to an entity why could it not connect u to something else

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I can’t see why not. Here is how I would do it personally, but as always, it is not the only way. Let’s take one of the Satan and Son’s videos as an example.

1.) Figure out the planetary influence of the spirit the video is based on. For example, Lucifer can associated with Venus as it was commonly known as the Morning Star by the Romans, as well as other cultures.

2.) Look up the planet’s Kamea (or magic square). This comes from Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Wisdom but can be found online easily.

3.) Take the title of the video and drop all vowels and repeating letters.

4.) Translate each remaining letter into numbers (1-9) using a basic numerology chart. Once again, can easily be found online.

5.) Go back to the square and begin to draw lines connecting each number together in order. From this draft, retrace the drawing outside of the square. This is your sigil.

6.) Play the video and focus on channeling the energy from the imagery and sound coming out of your phone, computer, tablet, etc. Direct it into your sigil to charge it.

7.) Activate the sigil when needed by whatever methods you prefer. Then carry out with whatever task you are using it for.

*For videos not associated with a spirit, you can use the square of a planet who’s energy aligns with your goals (such as Saturn for breaking habits or Jupiter for money). Then proceed to use the method as I described

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