"Tunnels Of Set" By Asenath Mason - Order Tonight To Get $100 Off

"Tunnels Of Set" By Asenath Mason - Order Now To Get $100 Off

TUNNELS OF SET — Pioneer author Asenath Mason’s newest, most advanced master-grimoire on performing self-initiation with the 22 Demonic Guardians of the Tunnels of Set. Order her historic finale to The Qliphothic Trilogy and get $100 off right now: http://balg.co/set

With “Tunnels of Set,” you receive:
• 305-page master grimoire for self-initiation
• 22 clairvoyant portraits of Tunnel Guardians
• 25 advanced sigils for deep ritual gnosis
• Rituals to pathwork the Tunnels of Set
• Tunnel correspondences to Tarot cards
• Group-verified guided gnosis experiences
• The all-new Tree of Qliphoth brass amulet
• 100% exclusively for Qliphothic Magicians and Left Hand Pathworkers

PEER REVIEWS — Verified Gnosis With Top Occult Authors

“In Tunnels of Set, Asenath Mason completes her Qliphothic Trilogy, the most in-depth exploration of its kind. Her work in this field is unparalleled in its depth, and the vision it completes, along with the other two books in the series, is of a mesmerizing dark beauty.”
— Bill Duvendack, author of Qliphothic Astrology

“One of her most impressive works without a doubt. Asenath’s highly powerful representation of the tunnels will submerge you in a deep cave of the Qliphothic labyrinth, bathed by the Qliphoth tree and its primigenian wisdom!”
— Edgar Kerval, author of Herbarium Diabolicum

“Once again, Asenath delivers a highly compelling and practical grimoire of the Nightside forces! The Tunnels are described in dazzling detail with incredibly effective, straightforward rituals. A must-have for anyone wanting to explore the Qliphothic Realm in all its twists and turns.”
— Denerah Erzebet, author of Rites of Astaroth

Order “Tunnels of Set” in either black leather or scarlet cloth hardback editions, receive a Tree of Qliphoth amulet in brass with it, and get $100 off to save 25% for a limited time only: http://balg.co/set

Advanced Sigils of the Demonic Guardians

The Tree of Qliphoth Amulet in brass